Lodging Inside Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona is a tremendous and unusual landscape that must be experienced for oneself. The canyon is one mile deep, about 10 miles wide, and 277 river miles long. It was formed by the Colorado River cutting through and eroding the plateau over many years, carving out the vast trench. Its exposed rock layers are believed to indicate more than 2 billion years of geologic history. Fossils retrieved from this region tell scientists much about the earth's evolution. This rugged area is great for hiking and backpacking for the day or on a multi-day journey. Around 5 million people travel here every year to explore the canyon and surrounding desert wilderness.

The inspirational Grand Canyon is divided into three main sections – the remote North Rim, the Inner Gorge, and the heavily traveled South Rim.

The South Rim is 7,000 feet in elevation and ranges in temperature throughout the year. This area averages 50 to 80-degrees F in the summer but often reaches over 100 degrees.

The North Rim is slightly cooler because of its higher elevation. The Inner Gorge receives the most intense heat in the summer but is relatively mild every other time of year. Winters at Grand Canyon can be extreme. Frequent storms sometimes cause a morning fog that obstructs the view of the canyon, but it usually clears up later in the day.

Snow and ice sometimes result in road closures around the South Rim. This area is open all year, but the North Rim is only open from mid-May to mid-October. Peak visiting season is July and August.

Despite dramatic climatic changes, the park is home to a variety of wildlife. The rare California Condor has been spotted in this area, along with many other birds including Stellar's Jays, ravens, hummingbirds, and Canyon Wrens. The Inner Gorge is inhabited by Desert Bighorn Sheep. Mule Deer and Elk are abundant throughout the park. Coyotes are commonly seen in the area, and predators such as Mountain Lions and Bobcats are seen on rare occasions.

Different kinds of squirrels and chipmunks also live in this desert. A variety of lizards exist here as well. The park contains more than 1,700 plant species and hundreds of fungi variations. Aside from exploring the unique wilderness, visitors enjoy many outdoor activities in this desert location including river rafting and mule trips around the canyon. There is a lot to see and do at the extensive Grand Canyon National Park.

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El Tovar Hotel

Location: Inside of Park
Starting Rate: $195.00

When the El Tovar Lodge opened at the end of the railroad line in the early 1900s it was considered one of the most elegant lodges west of the Mississippi. Today El Tovar Lodge is making guests to Grand Canyon National Park as comfortable as 100 years ago. El Tovar provides 78 rooms and suites all with cable television, telephone, full bath, and air conditioning. The El Tovar dining room is one of the first-rate restaurants at the Grand Canyon, the menu is a mix of classical flavors with traditional regional blends. Food service is available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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Location: Inside of Park
Starting Rate: $130.00

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Location: Inside of Park
Starting Rate: $99.00

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Location: Inside of Park
Starting Rate: $240.00

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Location: Inside of Park
Starting Rate: $186.00

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Location: Inside of Park
Starting Rate: $151.00

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Location: Inside of Park
Starting Rate: $171.50

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Lodging in Grand Canyon's Gateway Communities


Location: South of Park
Starting Rate: $375.00

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Location: South of Park
Starting Rate: $179.00

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Location: South of Park
Starting Rate: $119.99

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Location: South of Park
Starting Rate: $123.00

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Location: South of Park
Starting Rate: $269.00

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Location: South of Park
Starting Rate: $105.00

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Location: North of Park
Starting Rate: $142.00

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Nearly 5-million visitors flock to the Grand Canyon each year. Grand Canyon National Park is a very popular vacation destination that attracts people from all around the world. A large percentage of those guests choose to stay in one of the hotels or lodges at the Grand Canyon's South Rim or in the town of Tusayan just outside the southern gateway to the park. The South Rim of the park provides a plethora of activities and attractions for the whole family to enjoy as well as many historical landmarks and some of the most stunning canyon views that you will find anywhere.


Take a look at our list of popular Grand Canyon National Park Hotels below and choose the option that is best for you.


El Tovar Lodge

The El Tovar Lodge is one of the first official lodging properties to be built in the Grand Canyon region. The El Tovar Hotel was built at the terminus of the Grand Canyon Railway to be a vacation destination for tourists wishing to see the canyon in all of it's splendor. Construction of the El Tovar Lodge was completed in the early 1900's and it was considered to be one of the most elegant hotels of it's day during that period. El Tovar has been accommodating guests ever since that time, and today it is a wonderful opportunity to take a step back in time to an era when life moved at a more relaxed pace, travel was accomplished by steam train, and hospitality was a way of life, not just a business agenda.


Yavapai Lodge

The Yavapai Lodge is the largest lodging facility inside Grand Canyon National Park park and one of the most popular lodging options amongst families visiting the park. The lodge provides 350+ rooms and is within easy walking distance of many of the popular attractions within the park. The Canyon Cafe is located on the premises and provides breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week.


Kachina Lodge

The Kachina Lodge is located on the South Rim in the historic district, it is within easy walking distance to gift shops, restaurants, Bright Angel Trail Head, and the visitors center. The lodge was built in the late 1960's yet offers comfortable modern rooms and amenities. Kachina Lodge is the perfect lodging option for the active vacationer. With the lodges, central location in walking distance to all human comforts, plus the easy access to trailheads right from your room makes it easy to get away from it all and enjoy the beauty of the Grand Canyon.


Thunderbird Lodge

This family-friendly lodge is located along the south rim of the Grand Canyon. The Thunderbird Lodge provides an ideal location between El Tovar and Bright Angel Lodge in the heart of the Grand Canyon Historic District. Thunderbird Lodge provides a modern design with architecture that blends in with it's rocky and marvelous environments. Several rooms provide at least a partial canyon view making this an ideal option for your Grand Canyon visit. While there are no air-conditioning units, each room does provide evaporation coolers that help to keep the temperature reasonably comfortable.


Maswik Lodge

Maswik Lodge is a popular option that is set amongst the trees a short distance from the canyons rim. The rooms here are slightly larger and offer two queen size beds with a private bath making them a good choice for families. Even though the walk is a short one, there is a free shuttle that will transport you from the front door of Maswik Lodge to the rim of the canyon if you don't feel like walking. In addition to the standard motel-style lodging, Maswik also offers ten rustic cabins that can be rented out during the summer season.


Bright Angel Lodge

Bright Angel Lodge is a great option for those who are adventurous at heart. This lodge is located right along the rim of the canyon and is the closest lodging option to the popular Bright Angel Trail. Bright Angel lodge provides both lodge accommodations and cabin accommodations with both private bath or shared bath accommodations available to choose from. You can even rent a cabin with a fireplace if you are looking for that little extra romantic flair.


When you visit any national park you actually have many choices of where to stay, and Grand Canyon lodging is no different. There are locations that range from five star hotels to campgrounds, and everything in between. If you're traveling with friends, family, or a special someone, you're sure to find just the right hotel or resort if you know where and how to look.


One thing to consider about finding Grand Canyon lodging is that you don't need to go online and search every location one at a time. Very often it's better to use websites that organize this information for you and then compare the various venues and locales. This is because there are many hotels, motels, campgrounds, and other such locations and you can spend literally weeks searching for all of them. When you use websites that specialize in Grand Canyon hotels and lodging you can stay in one place and then look at many different options at once.


To find the right Grand Canyon accommodations for yourself, consider your budget first and foremost. Remember too that you may want to stay someplace nice, but chances are you won't be spending much time inside, watching television. Once you remember this, you'll realize that you can easily choose something more rustic and simple rather than something more luxurious. For honeymooners and couples, you may want to select a Grand Canyon rental cabin or hotel that caters to your desire for luxury, but for families and others, something more basic may be in order.


It's also good to remember that not all basic Grand Canyon lodging is as rustic as you might imagine. Some cabins and lodges are like hotel rooms, with running water and full-size televisions and internet access. You might even find wireless internet access in many campgrounds! When you really search around and compare amenities with the various Grand Canyon lodges and hotels, you'll see that even the most basic options may very well work for you and for your family.


When you search online for Grand Canyon south rim lodging, be sure to keep your budget in mind and use it as a parameter for your search. In this way you'll get better quality returns and will be able to quickly search through your options and choices, rather than wasting your time on choices that are too basic or too expensive. When you find those sites that organize the Grand Canyon hotels and lodges that are available, spend some time and research the options to find the choices that best fit within your budget and itinerary plans.


You can also find great lodging options near Grand Canyon if you think of different civic organization of which you may be a member. If you belong to AAA or AARP, these organizations may have discounts and deals for their members in certain places. You can find the right venues for yourself and your family and get it at a discounted rate, so you can readily afford something nicer or can stay for longer periods of time if you want to make it an extended vacation.



Q. How big is the Grand Canyon?
A. Most people measure the canyon in river miles, along the course of the Colorado River at the bottom of the canyon. By that standard, Grand Canyon is 277 miles long.


Q. How old is the Canyon?
A.  Although rocks exposed in the walls of the canyon are geologically quite old, the Canyon itself is a fairly young feature. The oldest rocks at the canyon bottom are close to 2000 million years old. The Canyon itself - an erosional feature - has formed only in the past five or six million years. Geologically speaking, Grand Canyon is very young. 


Q. When is the best time to visit the Grand Canyon?
A. Expect heavy crowds during spring, summer, and fall months. You will find fewer crowds in the early spring or late fall. The South Rim is open year round, but heavy snows close the road to the North Rim from late October to mid May of each year. 


Q. Do I have to make reservations for lodging at the Grand Canyon?
A. Yes, lodging in Grand Canyon National Park becomes completely booked well in advance. Be sure to make reservations as far ahead as possible. You can contact US Park Lodging online at www.usparklodging.com or toll free at 866.315.2980.


Q. What is the weather like at the Grand Canyon?
A . Summer temperatures on the South Rim are relatively pleasant (50°s - 80°s F) but inner canyon temperatures are extreme. Daytime highs at the river, 5000 feet below the rim, often exceed 100° F. North Rim summer temperatures are cooler than those on the South Rim due to the increased elevation.


Winter conditions at the South Rim can be extreme: expect snow, icy roads, and possible road closures. Temperatures are low, and with the wind-chill factor can at times drop below 0° F. Canyon views may be temporarily obscured during winter storms; in such cases, entrance fees are not refundable. The North Rim is closed in winter.


Spring and Fall weather is extremely unpredictable; be prepared for sudden changes in the weather during these seasons. It is best to dress in layers so that you may be comfortable in any condition.