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El Tovar Hotel
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Location Great, Accommodations just average-review during Covid-19
User: Yvette M from: Kigali, Rwanda
Published Date: Jun, 27, 2020
Travel Date: Jun, 1, 2020
Rating: 3
The best thing about the hotel is the location along the rim. It was great to view the sunset and then the sunrise easily by just stepping outside of your hotel. We were able to get a reservation easily because of the current situation with Covid-19. There were 4 of us and we stayed in a room with two queen beds. The room itself that we had on the 1st floor was a good size, it was very clean, the linens and bed were nice. However, the AC did not work very well. We informed the front desk that the AC was hardly working and she said that is just the way it is. The staff at the front desk must be understaffed. They are not very enthusiastic about their jobs and seem to not want to deal with you. I also asked other general questions but received very short answers and not much information. There is no concierge at the hotel nor anyone else to help you besides the front desk. Also all the Grand Canyon Visitor center and museums are currently closed. So come prepared to sight see on your own. You will not receive assistance at this time from the park. I should also note that the restaurant at the hotel was closed. The hotel had the patio open with very limited food options and they did not open until 8 am. So be prepared, at this time, to go elsewhere for food. We had to drive to Tusayan for coffee at 6 am and for food in general. Overall, we are happy we visited because the hotel was not full and it was easy to sight see because the normal summer crowds were not there yet.

Nice Place for a night
User: Scenic70291 from:
Published Date: Jun, 22, 2020
Travel Date: Jun, 1, 2020
Rating: 3
We had heard so much about this historically important hotel, we wanted to stay there. Besides, you may start your day right in the park avoiding a long commute. While the entrance is impressive, the hotel is just old. Rooms are small for the price although the linens & towels are very nice. There was plenty of hot water and the AC worked well. Covid is still an issue so many conveniences were closed, including the restaurant. As others have noted, it is pricey. We’re really not sure we would stay there again and were glad we paid for only one night.

Great location, but way too expensive!
User: Mike S from: Phoenix, Arizona
Published Date: Jun, 17, 2020
Travel Date: Jun, 1, 2020
Rating: 3
This is a Historic hotel located right on the rim, unfortunately only a handful of the rooms have a view. The hotel is quite dated, but the rooms have been renovated in recent years. I visited at the re-opening after Covid and unfortunately many of the services were not available, including the restaurant. While the hotel has its charm, it’s definitely not worth the price. The standard room in which I stayed was very small, and so two were the pillows. The air-conditioning is quite loud. The checkout is at 11 o’clock, but after taking some things to the car, I came back at 10:30 to find the maid already cleaning the room, which made the bathroom inaccessible. When I told the front desk person about the situation, they seemed indifferent. The room key does not open the public restrooms, you need to get a key with a large unsanitary baton attached. It’s really nice to stay in the park and enjoy a sunrise and/or sunset, but the price to do so at El Tovar is quite high for a relatively mediocre hotel. We would have preferred to camp, but for some reason the campgrounds were closed even though the hotels in the park were open.

Weird and unforgettable stay.
User: steamkitty from: Portland, Oregon
Published Date: Apr, 15, 2020
Travel Date: Nov, 1, 2019
Rating: 5
In November, 2019, my husband and I took Amtrak from Portland, OR to LA, then Amtrak to Flagstaff, then by van to the Grand Canyon, for our 50th wedding anniversary . I had always wanted to stay at the El Tovar, and the first day/night was lovely. Gorgeous views of the Canyon just steps from the hotel, cold but clear weather, nice bar with Canyon views, and a lovely lunch and then dinner in the dining room. Didn't get a window table, but still lovely. The excitement started the next day, November 28 (also was Thanksgiving). Had great anniversary dinner (lamb chops were excellent). But then, the power went out at about 2:00 a.m. (Technically, Friday morning). A forecasted snow storm took out power all along the Canyon and almost to the next town. Hotel had no heat, no hot water (except for hot chocolate), no lights except for small battery-powered decorative table lights, and, it was 28oF outside. We put back on our clothes, and crawled back into bed, and lay there in the dark and the cold until curiosity got us up. Daylight helped with vision, but, breakfast was cold cereal and hot chocolate (no coffee, but I hate coffee, so I didn't care.) Lunch was cold sandwiches served on paper towels, and the same for dinner, except on paper plates. No bar service so unnsafe due to no lighting available. Finally, power came back on at 1:42 a.m., almost 24 hours later. Due to the extreme age of the hotel, only one small fireplace in the lobby was wood burning, and whenever people went in and out, the single doors kept the little bit of heat leaving the lobby. The two bigger fireplaces in the dining room were gas and inoperable. The outside view was gorgeous. The snow was a foot deep all around, the Canyon was, I'm sure, beautiful, but we didn't go outside. Remember, no heat at all, so to go outside, get cold and snowy, and come back into a very cold building, was asking for trouble. Playing in the snow is fine, if you have warmth to which to come back. We left on Saturday afternoon. The hotel had lights, but was still very cold when we left. However, through all of this, I have to say the staff did their best. They were just as cold as we were, and I especially pitied the desk clerks in the lobby who had to stand lobby duty all day with only several layers of clothes to keep them warm(ish). The next day, the hotel took us in their van down to the train station so we didn't have to hike through the snow and cold. Why the hotel didn't have back-up generators, or other storm supplies, we don't know. But, the staff weren't responsible for the management or owners' lack of foresight. We have nothing but positive thoughts for all who did their level best. The rooms, the food, the scenery are all memorable and worth a visit in the winter (if the heat and power are on). One final note: without any prodding from us, one night of our three was comped. Sorry if this review is too long, but it was an exciting adventure to recount.

Very nice lodge
User: 896lynnettec from: The Villages, Florida
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Apr, 14, 2020
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2019
Rating: 4
I felt it was TOO costly for a room and small bathroom. Hotel was very nice! With that said it was a great place to stay right on the Canyon. Good restaurant and bar area. Food was good very much of a “lodge” feeling. Had live entertainment one evening. But I feel as a person who is retired and travels monthly it was pretty costly.

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