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El Tovar Hotel
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Bad reservation algorithm
User: Joan T from:
Published Date: May, 15, 2024
Travel Date: May, 1, 2024
Rating: 1
If you look at the photo below, it looks like we had a reservation at this hotel. After we drag all our stuff in from the way far parking lot, we find out that we are not at this hotel but at the Maswik hotel down the street. Says it happens a lot. Fix!

Majestic location
User: WenigerGottquatsch from: Mannheim, Germany
Published Date: May, 13, 2024
Travel Date: May, 1, 2024
Rating: 4
This grand old hotel is located at the south rim of the Grand Canyon. Step out the squeaky back door and behold the magnificent view of the canyon, and set out on the Rim Trail in either direction. The Bright Angel trailhead, for example, is withing walking distance. The El Tovar dining room is spacious and elegant, with views of the canyon. Both the cuisine and service are excellent. When you register, the friendly and helpful staff tell you that housecleaning is once every three days; but then, when you're on vacation you are eager to do your own housecleaning. During the pandemic, many hotels used the Covid excuse to cut expenses by denying guest room services (and employment for cleaners). That trick has worn thin. Like many other park lodges, El Tovar could do with some modernization. For example replace the loud heating/cooling system with something from this millennium. Notwithstanding the inconveniences, the beauty of the majestic canyon is what you will remember.

Overpriced, outdated and unfriendly
User: appreciatetruereview from:
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: May, 10, 2024
Travel Date: May, 1, 2024
Rating: 2
Of course the view from here is the fantastic Grand Canyon. For the hotel itself we were willing to pay the outrageous $600 per night due to the historical factors of the lodge and films made there. Unfortunately our hotel room was so outdated and cramped. The bed faced the toilet and the tv was near the back of the bed headboard. Very confusing layout. No chair to sit in and just overall uncomfortable. At first we thought gift shop staff were not friendly until we encountered the restaurant staff! In comparison, I’ll take the gift shop staff! The restaurant crew seemed completely annoyed to speak with any customer. I watched from the lobby for hours during breakfast hours and the mood never improved. Truly, the overall experience at the lodge was so unwelcoming that we walked to a nearby hotel restaurant where it was super friendly and nice. My recommendation would be to select another location along the marvelous Grand Canyon.

Would not miss this dining experience.
User: Compass12137612482 from: Townsend, Tennessee
Published Date: May, 8, 2024
Travel Date: May, 1, 2024
Rating: 5
This is a must see and eat place while at the Grand Canyon. We had lunch, and the food was outstanding. The servers are all very friendly and attentive. We had a canyon view seat in the historical dining room. This experience really enhanced our canyon experience.

Don’t bother staying at this over-priced snobby hotel that doesn’t care about it’s guests.
User: P9676XFjohnh from: Dallas, Texas
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Apr, 30, 2024
Travel Date: May, 1, 2024
Rating: 2
Don’t bother staying here. Not worth the money. Firstly, check your GPS since it will probably direct you to the servants entrance around the back. Hotel could fix this, but hasn’t. Probably because their attitude is “give us the money” and we don’t care about our guests. Then, after checking in be prepared to carry your own luggage up to your room. Despite the room price they have no elevator and nobody to assist you with luggage. Plus remember that you are at 7,000 ft elevation so you could be out of breath by the time you get to your room. Then, try and park your car. They have a small parking lot barely big enough for all guests. Then anybody else can also park there so when they are busy there is pretty much no guest parking. Settle for a long hike up hill from wherever you can find to park on the street below. When settled into your room don’t expect quality TV. Just a poor ghost image and no TV guide so you can’t find your favorite show until it’s over. Not even a printed guide - I asked for one. Room service is non-existent. They stopped it during covid, which is understandable, but never reinstated it when they found out how much more profit they could make by not providing it. Good news is that the food is pretty good - if you can get a seat in their restaurant. We never managed to get on the list but did wait for 30 minutes to get into their small lounge to get a snack. If you want to stay in the canyon area, stay somewhere else. El Tovar is a rip-off and not worth the $500 a night that we paid. There are other lodges that have less amenities, but El Tovar amenities are at a premium if you can get them.

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