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Grand Canyon North Rim Lodge
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Beautiful place
User: Sunsetbum from: Matthews, North Carolina
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Oct, 27, 2023
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2023
Rating: 4
We stayed in one of the rustic cabins . It was acceptable and clean. Need a larger hot water heater. I guess the adjoining cabin uses same heater and there was no hot water for my shower. The place is beautiful nothing negative to add. I would definitely recommend anyone stay here

No Hot Water in the room, no coffee either...Be prepared!
User: Sneelock from: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Published Date: Oct, 23, 2023
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2023
Rating: 3
Stayed in a Western Cabin 4 days before they closed for the 2023 season before our Rim-to-rim hike. The good news is that the cabin was clean, the beds comfortable, and there were no mice or other vermin that I detected. The bad news is that there was also NO HOT WATER. The instructions from the hotel ( written on the back of the check-in sheet ( see photo)) state that either tap could be the hot water tap and that you should run the water for 15" before calling the front desk- I ran both taps for 20" and nothing. When I called they said maintenance wouldn't be in until 6am ( we were out the door for out hike at 6:00am). I know that these are "historic cabins" - but is there some reason they couldn't label the taps - they MUST know which cabins have reversed taps! The other problem was there was a coffee maker ( keurig -type); but no coffee because the hotel had run out. This seems like whomever ordered the supplies didn't do a great job - they know how many rooms they have; near 100% occupancy, and they know how many days they are open- They shouldn't run out. They had also run out of most of the toiletries / tissue as well. I would 100% go again- because the location is phenomenal ( prefer the North Rim to the South by far!)- but I would be prepared - I would have all my own toiletries and I would bring my own coffee. I would aslo check the hot water situation first thing when I checked in!

Dream spot, wish we could have stayed longer.
User: KatiJuice from: Lake in the Hills, Illinois
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Oct, 21, 2023
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2023
Rating: 5
Long story short I kept stalking the reservations page to upgrade from outside the park to a motel room at lodge, to a Western Cabin. So happy I snagged one (about 2 weeks before our trip!). The cabin itself was clean and comfy. Didn't see any evidence of mice others have reported. Our cabin 355 was possibly the closest to the parking lot but with a great porch view of sunrise (but admittedly you can't really see rim so we had walked the grounds for sunrise). Such a great porch that I do regret a bit that we hadn't stayed another hour or two later just sitting there enjoying the quiet nature of it. Dinner in lodge was wonderful and fast. I highly recommend the Supai Pablano Chicken! My husband enjoyed his ribeye. And a few beers at the rough rider saloon were also great. But even better was that they opened at 530 for coffee to grab to watch the sunrise from the gorgeous patio or close walkable viewpoints.

Not up to past standards
User: hikes from: indiana
Published Date: Oct, 14, 2023
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2023
Rating: 2
We have stayed in the western cabins a number of times, including this being three years in a row. I hate to post this review as I have always been satisfied. We came prepared with a plastic tote for food, as we have had mice in the room in the past and also bought a couple of mouse traps after reading this years reviews. We had a mouse trap already in our room and didn't see any this trip. Check in was long and even though we were there after check in time, the room wasn't ready. Finally got into the room. The floor was dirty. Ok, I was used to a little dirt, but the floor between the bed and wall looked as if it hadn't been cleaned all season. The only word for the bathroom floor is filthy, even having used soap disc on the floor. I thought this strange as they have soap/shampoo dispensers and usually don't give bar soap. All dispensers were empty and they gave us a small half dollar size disc of soap. Guess the remnants of previous guests was what was on the floor. We were given two towels and two face clothes. When I requested a bath mat, we were given a face towel, so it became a bath mat. .two chairs in the room had extremely dirty upholstery. Front desk told us no coffee or clocks in the room. The coffee maker was there but parts missing so you couldn't use it. I don't understand the no clocks. If I wake in the night or am reading, I like to be able to look at a clock without dragging out my phone to check the time. I realize there was a late opening this year, but if you open, you should have everything ready for guests. The one positive, aside from location, was the bed was comfortable and appeared to be new. I hope Aramark can make improvements as this lodge is a wonderful place and it is sad that lack of upkeep and cleaning leaves a bad taste for guests.

User: pammo4 from: Rutland
Published Date: Oct, 13, 2023
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2023
Rating: 2
We stayed in one of the cabins for two nights and it was not great. The first room we were given was not cleaned. We were given a second room that was barely cleaned. There was a dirty towel hanging on the back of the bathroom door. No soap or shampoo in the dispensers and 1/2 roll of toilet paper. There was an adjoining door to the next cabin and we could hear everything in the next room including bathroom use and snoring. I knew we were getting a “rustic” cabin but I thought it would at least be clean. We were promised an adjustment after we informed a lovely lady named Rose of our issues but never received one. Would not recommend.

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