Lodging Inside Crater Lake National Park

As the only national park in Oregon, Crater Lake National Park is a geographical beauty. After the massive eruption and collapse of Mount Mazama 7,700 years ago, Crater Lake was formed. To date, it is the deepest lake in the United States at over 1,900 feet and it has the clearest, fresh water in the world.

The park has a variety of activities to do all year long, even including snowshoe hikes led by rangers. During the summer, visitors can fish and swim in the lake or go on a hike on any one of the park’s beautiful trails such as Cleetwood Cove and Lightning Spring. There is also Garfield Peak trail which gives hikers an amazing view of the lake towards the east, or Mount Scott, where at the top hikers can get an entire view of Crater Lake.

For a different view, visitors can visit the Pumice Desert, an area also affected by the eruption of Mount Mazama, now completely void of any vegetation. Along with the desert, visitors can see the Pinnacles, tall spires, and pinnacles that were formed as the pumice and ash fell from the sky after the eruption.

Not only known for its sights, Crater Lake National Park is also known for its lore and special attractions like “Old Man of the Lake,” a tree stump that has been bobbing in the lake for more than a century.

For those wishing to take in as much as possible, Crater Lake National Park lodging offers visitors a chance to make the most of their experience. With its world­renowned views and water, Crater Lake is a sure must for anyone.

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Crater Lake Lodge

Location: Inside of Park
Starting Rate: $245.94

The 71-room Crater Lake Lodge was originally opened in 1915 and is located on the edge of the caldera (or volcanic basin) overlooking Crater Lake. In 1995, Crater Lake Lodge was extensively renovated and offers a rustic charm reminiscent of the 1920s. The Crater Lake Lodge features a restaurant with a large stone fireplace and views overlooking Crater Lake, and be sure to stop into the gift shop to purchase yourself a memento of the fabulous holiday you had. The lodge also offers an Exhibit Room near the lobby for you to learn all about the history of Crater Lake.

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Lodging in Crater Lake's Gateway Communities


Location: North of Park
Starting Rate: $113.00

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Location: South of Park
Starting Rate: $279.00

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Location: South of Park
Starting Rate: $185.00

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Location: West of Park
Starting Rate: $225.00

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Location: South of Park
Starting Rate: $89.17

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