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Diamond Lake Resort
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Room was dirty.
User: Susan M from:
Published Date: Oct, 18, 2023
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2023
Rating: 1
Stayed in hotel. The Room was dirty. Don’t. Think anyone swept under the beds in years. Bedspreads looked sketchy. Got there to late in the day to go anywhere else. I used to stay there years ago and cabins were ok. I will not go back.

Beautiful site
User: Guide16284693919 from:
Published Date: Oct, 15, 2023
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2023
Rating: 4
Absolutely loved this resort, so tranquil, very helpful and friendly staff, great shop on site. Short very scenic drive to Crater Lake but a beautiful lake in itself. We stayed in a newly renovated cabin overlooking the lake which was stunning and the renovation was really lovely! Dropped a star as it could have been cleaner, there were socks from a previous occupant and litter down the side of the bed on arrival. For the price we paid for the room we felt this should have been attended to. Despite this would stay again in a heartbeat! Also the BEST tap water I have ever tasted!!!

Don’t Stay Here.
User: Jo B from: Longview, Washington
Published Date: Sep, 21, 2023
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2023
Rating: 1
Worse than Motel 6 and more expensive. There were 2 outlets and 2 lights in the entire place - one in the bedroom and one in the bathroom. 2 tiny pillows. No hot water. A big spider in the bathroom. At least our sheets were clean. There are many more accommodations around Crater Lake. Choose one of them.

We survived and lived to tell about it.
User: DON Y from:
Published Date: Sep, 19, 2023
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2023
Rating: 2
I will start with the positives, the grounds and views are great. The staff tries to be helpful. Had a nice meal at the restaurant. That is all !! Most places beg you to write a review after your stay. Not these guys because they know it will be horrible. Their website tries to sell you on the premise that it is a 1920s resort with all modern updates. Not even close except for their new 7 bedroom house. All other rooms, cabins, etc are as shabby as it gets. Our traveling companions looked at two cabins and could not stand to stay there, then drove to Klamath for something livable. Our room in the S building was just a bit better and we decided to suck it up for two nights to avoid the hassle of following them. If you decide to stay at Diamond Lake Resort, you have been warned.

This place is in bad shape, not worth the price we paid
User: Paula D from:
Published Date: Sep, 18, 2023
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2023
Rating: 1
The lakefront cabin we had reserved had a fantastic view but everything else was really in bad shape, so that we had to ask for another room (luckily one was available and the front desk staff were accommodating). The cabin was dirty, run down, smelly, the bedcover was threadbare and ripped, and the kitchen flue was open to the outside! So cold air and bugs would be coming in all night! The front desk response: "oh we never go in them". Perhaps you should. The cabin they moved us to was only marginally better. When we took a look at it, it had supposedly been cleaned but the floor was filthy, there was a dirty towel on the floor of the closet. They sent someone in to clean it so we moved there as it was our only choice but the whole resort needs a makeover. The tub floor was stained and in need of repair, the shower curtain was moldy, the walls and inside doors were dirty and chipped, the kitchen cabinets were janky and crooked. Ugh. The place sounded great but "resort" makes it sound 100 times better than it is. Every cabin needs a serious makeover. And there's no WiFi. This was not mentioned to us prior to checking in. You can't be a resort or conference center without WiFi! And there was no cell coverage. We had to go sit in a nearby gas station parking lot to get WiFi or drive over to Crater Lake. Given all of the above, the rooms are way overpriced--we paid $336 which is a lot more than the sold out Lodge at Crater Lake (which is much nicer, in a whole different league). My advice--stay somewhere else.

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