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Diamond Lake Resort
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I have to disagree... A bit Not much, but a bit
User: V1927MSlindam from: Florence, Oregon
Published Date: Mar, 15, 2021
Travel Date: Feb, 1, 2021
Rating: 2
I guess everyone has they're own opinions, YES it is EXTREMELY OUTDATED and in need of many updates. Most of the staff we encountered were awesome, except a woman in the store, she called my kids stupid!! Wow, right!! Mousetraps, not one fitted sheet in either of the two bedrooms, oh and this is insane, but the bedroom that had a double and a twin bed, the double bed had a twin box frame, and when my daughter (aka stupid) got in she flipped over, and bumped her head so hard. Can u say lawsuit waiting to happen???? The beauty of the resort can't be beat, it has the potential to be a great resort, but the way it sits now, today, it's a tinder box....

This campground is the ultimate bad as it comes.
User: bowlered from: Sutherlin, Oregon
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Mar, 4, 2021
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2020
Rating: 1
If you stayed in the desert it would be the same. Find dust all of the time. All the spaces are very small and in your neighbor's fire pit. No RV dump in space. Only one on top of hill for entire camp. Very hard to get to. All amities are at the lodge. Never again.

FILTHY! Diamond Lake Resort , Diamond Lake Oregon is health/safety hazard
User: amtaxidermy from: Medford, Oregon
Trip Type: Business
Published Date: Jan, 13, 2021
Travel Date: Dec, 1, 2020
Rating: 1
01/2021 WARNING. Diamond Lake Resort Management is on their own agenda. They eagerly take your money. HOWEVER. Do not expect a clean rental unit there. Expect disgusting filth. Black mold, caked in with thousands of dead insects, from what appears, neglect of years to accumulate to the horrible conditions found AND cleaned by the guest them self. Grime, heavy grease, smudges, rust, broken electrical outlets, broken and burned out light bulbs, non functioning shower head, cobwebs, hairs, disgusting layers of dust on tv, on the shop lights on ceiling, flickering old fluorescent bulbs , in these outdated shop lights, Used wine bottles left in cupboards from previous persons in the studio kitchen. Window that does not lock. There is nothing clean, safe, or sanitary about the manner in which this lodging facility is being run. The management was repeatedly told and shown by written complaint & photos provided them, and all the guest cleaning tools, rags, paper towels, q -tips saturated with the disgusting filth guest used to clean this studio-kitchen unit rented out to us. One employee will tell you to tell another, who will tell you to tell another. Management fails to do a thing. But ignore the truth, ignore the guest, and fail to make this lodging facility clean, safe. Also In this year of covid. Housekeeping had no masks on as they cruise about on their cart. And as one female housekeeper blew her cigarette smoke directly in guests face from her work cart into the studio, as guest opened door, to place the trash bag on porch. The entire experience should be dealt with by the State of Oregon and the Federal Park Ranger Service, In simply shutting the place down. My nose bled from breathing in the black slime mold/insects lodged heavily in every window track. Absolutely avoid risking your health and also disappointment .Save your money and your health. DO NOT lodge at this federal owned resort facility. Not until time comes for the horrid management to be ousted. And proactive, caring, competent lodging facility people, run this nearly one hundred year of age lodge. MAJOR CHANGE IS NEEDED NOW.

I can handle rustic so to me it is just way overpriced
User: pipandjim from: Crested Butte, Colorado
Published Date: Nov, 30, 2020
Travel Date: Nov, 1, 2020
Rating: 2
This is a $100/night place (or less), not $200-$250 for a 2 bed cabin. It is very old and hasn't been updated in decades. Furniture and appliances are from the 80s so have 40 years of dirt and life on them. Microwave came on but didn't heat anything. Blinds were broken, light was broken, beer can under the couch, table is peeling up, sofa had food on it. It's a real bummer as it wouldn't take much to bring some life and cleanliness back to this place. Hopefully they'll take the money they are getting from overcharging and use it to renovate and scrub. It's better than camping because you can turn the heater on and there is hot water. It should just be priced that way.

Avoid at all costs. Pathetic.
User: veeroad from:
Trip Type: Friends getaway
Published Date: Nov, 8, 2020
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2020
Rating: 1
TLDR: Do NOT stay, especially during COVID. No cleanliness, forget sanitization. We were scheduled to stay at the Diamond Lake Resort for two nights in one of their more expensive lake facing cottages. We arrived at the resort in the evening and checked-in. The cottage, however, was so filthy that we barely managed to stay for a few minutes and decided that it's not safe to stay. The receptionist was kind enough to offer us another cottage but that wasn't clean either, unfortunately. As a result, we had to make sudden changes to our vacation plans and drive for close to two hours to find another suitable accommodation for the night. Talking about the state of the cottage, while there were multiple issues, I would like to highlight just one: The kitchen counter had oat crumbles on it, most likely from the previous occupant of the cottage. This was totally unacceptable -- a big red-flag especially given the ongoing pandemic. I was also told that since the cottage hasn't been rented out for the last few days, it wasn't cleaned recently. It looks like even the basic cleaning protocols are not being followed properly. I found it impossible to justify to stay at such a place in the middle of COVID-19. Other issues include: half an inch dust on the fireplace and other surfaces, dirt stained carpet, beds extremely untidy, stuffy bedrooms etc. Look, I understand what type the place is. I wasn't expecting a "resort" or any sort of luxury. Just a decent, clean, and safe place to sleep for a couple of nights after spending the day outside which this wasn't at all. I ignored other negative reviews thinking how bad a place can be that charges so much but I can't emphasize enough to please avoid it all costs if you're even a bit concerned about COVID. To top it off, I've been trying to contact them for weeks now but there's been absolute silence from their side. Given the condition, I asked for a refund while completely understanding that's it's not per their policy. It would have been okay if they didn't agree for a refund. That's fine. But it's absolutely not fine to not even bother to acknowledge this very concern that I raised in my communications with them. It just shows how much they care about cleanliness, COVID, safety, and customers after they have paid.

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