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Diamond Lake Resort
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No redeeming qualities
User: lauriek769 from:
Trip Type: Friends getaway
Published Date: Jun, 24, 2020
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2019
Rating: 1
I hardly know where to begin my review of this awful “resort”. Nor can I figure out how it got so many good reviews. But I will immediately call out the US Forest Service’s Umpqua National Forest, which granted a “leasehold” to the managers of this place. (I’d actually considered requesting, through federal public records, a copy of the lease, which I can’t imagine wouldn’t have some criteria for breaking the lease, but figured that would take months.) Also, employees at Crater Lake Lodge, who recommended this place, should be taken to task. I can’t imagine how they could in good conscience recommend it! Umpqua National Forest staff and management should be forced to spend a night here! Upon arrival, we were assessed an $11 per night fee, which no one could explain, though we thought we’d paid in full in advance. We got to our dismal, ancient, smelly room to find a relatively clean bathroom, but worn out furniture (a small Formica table and two torn vinyl chairs) from the 60s, beds akin to old box springs (probably also from the 60s) with sheets that didn’t fit, lumpy pillows, and a TV that might have been as new as 1985. I discovered quickly why there was a plunger next to the toilet (and all I’d done was pee). And the heat (it was in the 20s that night) was either on or off. No thermostat. Trying to be optimistic, I noted the original beamed ceiling and new vinyl mini blinds. (I didn’t realize that the many outside lights would shine so brightly through those cheap blinds that I could see my hand cast strong shadows all night.) Resort staff, the same staff that couldn’t explain the extra charge, had recommended we have dinner and enjoy a fire in the lodge, so off we went. But the signage was so poor in the main area (which had a huge hearth but no fire, and was filthy and thoroughly uninviting) we couldn’t find the restaurant. The staff, when asked for directions, grunted and pointed up some dimly lit stairs, where after searching we found something akin to a reeking sports bar filled with what appeared to be loud, drunken young men. We retreated to our room with snacks we’d brought with us. We thought we could at least watch the ancient TV. But no. Not only was every channel highly pixilated, there was no guide to be found, though it appeared to be DirectTV. There also was no guide or brochure for the “resort”. As we tried to sleep, ATVs kept speeding through the parking lot under our window. And, of course, the room was nearly bright as daylight because of the cheap blinds and all the exterior lights. By 5 a.m, we were so congested from the mold and mildew (probably from the sticky carpet that I wouldn’t walk on barefoot) that we could hardly breathe. 5:45 a.m. conversation: Traveling companion: “That Lodge was a wreck. Do you suppose we could at least get a cup of coffee? I certainly don’t want to eat breakfast there.” Me: “We’ve got chocolate.” By 6, the car was packed and we were gone. (Oh, my. I’ve left out our neighbors! The walls were so thin I could hear every word of normal conversations in adjoining rooms: wrangler jeans at BiMart, last months water bill, etc. Other neighbors packed up and left a couple of hours after arriving.) This “resort” deserves NO stars. Next time I’ll sleep in the car!

Probably won’t go back
User: GalAndHerGuy from:
Published Date: Jun, 21, 2020
Travel Date: Jun, 1, 2020
Rating: 2
Got there & went to check in, the couldn’t locate our reservation, main lady, Linda, “it’s not here, nothing for you “, zero offer for a different room, until we suggested it. Get to this room, it smelled like they had just used a whole can of raid in it. Back to check in we go. “We don’t use bug spray”. Husband insisted it was, then they said it was the cleaning smell... like raid. Gave us yet a different room. Room 2 smelled better, bed was horrible though. Restaurant is take out only for coved-19, which was fine, but Linda, checkin nazi was always lurking around, yelled at us for us both being in restaurant to order & they are asking only 1 person in the part be in the restaurant. Mind you, there was a line of about 4 couples, none of them were asked to leave or separate, only myself & my husband were, literally yelled at me to stay 6’ apart, I said, your enforcing 30’ at this point. She was horrible. How she has this job is beyond me, she has horrible customer service.

Slip sliding away
User: Shellback1967 from: Roseburg, Oregon
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Feb, 23, 2020
Travel Date: Feb, 1, 2020
Rating: 5
We had a blast tubing on Valentine's day weekend with family the weather was perfect plus the food was amazing the staff was very curious and friendly we will be up again for the 4th of July weekend. You will enjoy the fun in the winter wonderland

User: tracy12240828 from: Dresden, Canada
Published Date: Dec, 10, 2019
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2019
Rating: 3
This is your typical fishing type of resort. The room was clean but a little rundown. There was a microwave but no dishes and the coffeemaker didn't work. There was a little frig but it sort of smelt like fish. The restaurant looked like it had a nice menu but we didn't eat there.

Loved it....but might not be for everyone.
User: RetireeWanabee from: Bellingham WA
Published Date: Nov, 23, 2019
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2019
Rating: 3 I've read some of the prior reviews and I can see that some folks have higher expectations than others. But we're talking about a wilderness/hunting/fishing resort that has to bring supplies in from for than 70 miles away. You can't expect the Ritz! We were hoping to stay at the lodge at Crater Lake, but our trip was a little last minute so no rooms were available. My husband happened to remember that he went fishing at Diamond Lake as a young man and suggested we try to get a room at the resort. It was late September and the weather was warm and beautiful so we headed to the lake. Fortunately for us they had several cabins and a couple hotel rooms available....we opted for the hotel room. Yes it was wall paper, old bedspreads, and an odd layout.....but it was clean and comfortable. What we couldn't get over was the view from the front of the resort....absolutely stunning! It's right on the lake and you can rent a variety of boats (pontoon, small motor boats, kayaks, paddle boats) and bicycles. The little store had plenty of supplies, but was very expensive (due to the distance to their suppliers) but the most pleasant surprise was the restaurant. We sat outside and had our dinner with a great view and a very talented chef. The food was unexpectedly good! Breakfast was also very good....and neither were excessively priced. We had such a nice afternoon we opted to stay another night and rented bikes to ride the 10 mile paved path around the lake. Again, if you are used to fancy.....and/or can't handle a little funkiness....maybe not the place for you. But we embraced it and had a great time!

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