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Cimarron Inn & Suites Klamath Falls
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inconsistent room cleaniness
User: Julia H from: San Francisco, CA
Published Date: Nov, 23, 2020
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2020
Rating: 2
I hate leaving bad reviews. I should give it 1 star but the lady at the front desk did rectify the issue. We had our well-trained 8 lb dog with us and even paid an extra pet fee. The room was not cleaned and there were huge stains on the carpet. It looked really rough and gross. The bed was not made and the bathroom was dirty. We promptly went to the front desk and complained. She seemed embarrassed about the situation. We got a different room and it was completely different and clean. It did have a heavy air freshener smell. How did this happen to us? Is it because we had a dog or that I used my Chase points? I'm disappointed that this hotel showed in my Chase Rewards search too.

Not the worst, but you can do better
User: Alacrout from: Los Angeles, California
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Nov, 8, 2020
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2020
Rating: 3
I had a hard time deciding whether to give this place 2 or 3 stars... Ultimately decided to be generous and give it 3 stars because there were a few things wrong with our experience here, but we’ve definitely stayed in worse places. We had 2 rooms and neither room was very clean. They weren’t the dirtiest, but it was similar to doing the bare minimum to make the room look somewhat presentable. One particularly gross problem on this front was that a previous guest’s leftovers were still in the fridge. And of course, in 2020, any lack of cleanliness should sound an alarm. Klamath Falls in general seemed like one of those communities who don’t believe COVID-19 is real, or at least don’t take it seriously. Between Cimarron Inn, 2 restaurants, and a gas station we visited, there were many ppl without masks and employees who begrudgingly put masks on when interacting with customers (one even told us that she wouldn’t bother if her employer didn’t make her). Anyway, back to Cimarron Inn specifically... Other problems: The laundry machines were broken and the hotel staff was a mixed bag of polite and rude. Some were fairly nice. Some were a little standoffish. All that being said, it wasn’t all bad. The beds were fairly comfortable and we slept well. There was a pool that looked clean and would be fun to use in non-pandemic times, though it was crowded with people who don’t care about pandemics. Overall, I give this something between 2 or 3 stars, something a little below average. If you’re on a tight budget, this’ll do without being the worst. But if you have high standards, you can definitely do better than this. I survived my time here, but if I’m ever in Klamath Falls again, I’m staying elsewhere.

Friendly and Clean
User: Binturong9 from: Portland, Oregon
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Sep, 11, 2020
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2020
Rating: 4
We had a nice stay here during our trip to Crater Lake. Check in was extremely pleasant, the friendly receptionist explained everything that was different during covid times so we were aware of the changes. For example the pool was open but there was a sign off sheet, no housekeeping during stay, if you needed supplies you could come to the lobby to get it. She also had food recommendations and told us restaurants that were open for dine in, which we really appreciated. The rooms are large with a sofa, a fridge and nice TV. They have WIFI but I didn’t use it. The bed is comfortable and they give you plenty of pillows. Everything was clean but the bathroom was a little dated and could use some TLC, the shower was great with lots of water pressure. This would not prevent me from staying on the property again. The prices are good here and the cleanliness and service were very good. Checkout was fast and just as friendly as check in.

Just OK.
User: Yuri P from: Columbus, Ohio
Published Date: Aug, 24, 2020
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2020
Rating: 3
Stayed here for 3 nights. Room was good size, many channels on TV and free good speed WiFi. Bed was very comfortable. However the restroom needs to be renovated. There were stains everywhere, on the walls, on the floor in the bath, at least they have to replace at least 20 years old overworn toilet seat. Bottled water, canned vegetables were all frozen on the lower shelf on the refrigerator. There was no housekeeping in 3 days, and that is OK as many hotels do not do that during covid. But I was not told about it during the check in. There were not enough towels and shampoo in the room for 3 nights (and I was alone in the room!). A lot of stains in outside corridors and stair cases. Room key worked one out of every 3 attempts. Overall the age and condition of this property is below to what I would recommend.

Great Value, Clean Clean Clean
User: Seattle_Dude33 from: Seattle, Washington
Published Date: Jul, 2, 2020
Travel Date: Jun, 1, 2020
Rating: 5
Situated on the edge of town, we were really happy to find this gem. The motel appears to be family-owned. The reception area was just upgraded and so was our room, with new carpets and TV. Amazingly, the pool was open despite the Covid for our travel-weary children. Across the street there is a Dollar Store and a Dutch Brothers Coffer. Behind the motel is the Wood Line State trail, so you can take nice jog in the arid desert climate. There is also a dog park next to the trail for your pooch. The motel is offset from the main drag so traffic noise was not too bad.

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