Lodging Inside Monument Valley

Nestled near the Four Corners region, Monument Valley stands as a legendary symbol of the American West. This awe-inspiring landscape, encompassing a mere 50 square miles, has captivated imaginations since the 1930s, featuring in countless movies like Forrest Gump, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and Back to the Future III. Its towering sandstone buttes have become synonymous with the Wild West.

Monument Valley's fiery colors and perfectly stratified rock formations offer a glimpse into the area's geological wonders. One of its most recognizable features is the Eye of the Sun, a natural wonder formed from distinct layers of sediment - Organ Rock Shale, De Chelly Sandstone, Moenkopi Formation, and Shinarump Conglomerate.

Similar to Canyon de Chelly, Monument Valley falls within the Navajo Nation. While visitors can explore the park on designated self-guided drives, certain areas require a guided tour led by experienced Navajo guides.

Accommodation options within the park are limited, but the singular lodge offers breathtaking views, making your stay an unforgettable experience.

Monument Valley beckons with its timeless beauty and rich cultural heritage. Plan your adventure and discover why this iconic landscape continues to enthrall travelers from around the world.

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The View Hotel

Location: Inside of Park
Starting Rate: $279.00

Located within the heart of Monument Valley, The View Hotel stands alone as the only lodging option gracing this iconic landscape. A stay here promises an unforgettable experience, a harmonious blend of ancient beauty, timeless tranquility, and modern convenience. Prepare to be awestruck by the unparalleled views from your guestroom, the closest and most spectacular vantage point you'll find anywhere in Monument Valley, allowing the famous monuments to become the backdrop for your unforgettable adventure.

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Lodging in Monument Valley

Desert Rose Resort & Cabins

Location: North of Park
Starting Rate: $159.00

The Desert Rose Resort & Cabins, located in the town of Bluff, Utah, offers affordable luxury to visitors of Monument Valley and other stunning southwest Utah destinations. Open year-round, the resort features beautiful & comfortable rooms and cabins, along with amenities like on-site restaurants and an indoor swimming pool & hot tub. The Desert Rose Resort will certainly satisfy explorers of the unique landscape of southeastern Utah.

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Location: West of Park
Starting Rate: $134.00

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Location: South of Park
Starting Rate: $111.00

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Location: South of Park
Starting Rate: $149.00

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