Lodging Inside Canyon de Chelly

Canyon de Chelly National Park and monument are located in northeastern Arizona, completely on tribal lands of the Navajo Nation. The park is considered one of the longest inhabited landscapes in the northwestern hemisphere with more than 4,000 years of occupation. It has ruins of indigenous tribes including Navajo and Pueblo Peoples and still houses about 40 residents within the canyons.

In 1931, President Hoover established the Canyon de Chelly National Monument as a national park mainly with hopes of preserving the archaeological resources there. Because the park is on tribal land, it is the only National Park Service that is jointly managed by the National Park Services and another the Navajo Tribal Trust of the Navajo Nation. The park has several different sights to see including White House Ruin and Mummy Cave Ruins, Spider Rock, and of course Canyon de Chelly.

Canyon de Chelly National Park was also photographed by the famous landscape photographer Ansel Adams and his photos can often be found on calendars. Visitors can book tours of the canyon floor but must be accompanied by Navajo tour guides or a park ranger. There are also other places to visit nearby such as the Petrified Forest NP, and Monument Valley Tribal Park.

Canyon de Chelly National Park lodging gives guests a special stay reminiscent of the ancient Anasazi pueblos. The monument was noted as one of the most­ visited national monuments in 2009 and guests won’t want to be left out of the count with the beautiful view that the park offers.

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Thunderbird Lodge

Location: Inside of Park
Starting Rate: $89.99

Thunderbird Lodge is one of few lodges located inside the borders of Canyon De Chelly National Park. The Thunderbird Lodge is a red-adobe style structure reminiscent of the ancient pueblos that the Anasazi people lived in for centuries. The Thunderbird Lodge is the closest hotel to the national monument.

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Lodging in Canyon de Chelly's Gateway Communities

Best Western Canyon De Chelly Inn

Location: West of Park
Starting Rate: $89.00

The Canyon De Chelly Inn is located in the town of Chinle and is the only hotel in town to offer a hot tub, sauna, and indoor pool available 24 hours a day. This hotel, rich in amenities also offers High-Speed Internet Access, television with satellite, room service plus an on-site restaurant. The Canyon De Chelly Inn is located not far from the entrance to Canyon De Chelly National Park and will provide you with quick and easy access to the monument and other park attractions.

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