Activities at Arches/Canyonlands National Park

Rock Climbing

The beautiful red Entrada sandstone of Arches offers countless opportunities for rock climbing within the park. There are several buttresses for crack climbing, multi-pitch towers, and easier one pitch towers. Most routes are accessible via vehicle. A majority of the climbs require advanced skills and in order to protect the park’s resources and natural environment, climbers will need to follow certain regulations.


Unlike anywhere else in the world, Arches’ red sandstone and 2,000+ arches offer a unique experience for hikers. There are numerous trails rating from easy to moderate each giving a view of the park unseen from the road. Pick the right one and you can even travel under one of the very arches to get an exclusive perspective on the park’s most prominent features. Temperatures during the on season can reach above 100 degrees so be sure to drink enough water while you’re out there.


If you’re not quite at the skill level of an advanced climber, but enjoy the thrill it provides, you might want to check out canyoneering at Arches. Canyoneering combines the thrill of climbing with the beauty of hiking. Visitors have the chance to view the stunning desert landscape while also descending into narrow canyons for a glimpse at a different side of the park. Similar to rock climbing, there are special regulations for those interested in pursuing this kind of adventure.


For those really wanting to have their breath taken away, skydiving is a great option. With a few companies to choose from, divers have the chance to see Moab ad Arches National Park from a bird’s eye view. You’ll have the chance to do what most people only dream of doing.

Horseback Riding

For a more leisurely approach, Arches also has the option of horseback rides. Though most people might come to the park for hiking or climbing, Arches allows horses within its boundaries giving guests a chance to experience its natural beauty in a unique way. If you’re not up for a long hot day of climbing or strenuous hiking, check out a horseback ride for a relaxing way to view one of Utah’s most popular parks. Because it is a national park, there are several regulations to having pack animals and horses in the area.


Because of it’s unique natural scenes, Arches National Park is a striking place for photographers. The park has a variety of picturesque rock shapes, colorful contrasts, and endless subjects for photographs. The phenomenal sunsets offer a wonderful backdrop for photos and the surrounding vistas give a great contrast to the towering buttresses, towers and arches. There are a number of different options for great photos depending on if you are photographing in the early morning or during the golden hour. Because of its remote location, Arches is also a perfect place for nighttime photography. If you enjoy spending a little extra time to capture the ethereal vistas overhead, Arches is one of the best places to spend some time capturing the heavens above.