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Rising Sun Motor Inn and Cabins
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Stay here for early access to Logan pass…
User: Sneelock from: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Mar, 2, 2023
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2022
Rating: 4
Stayed in a 2- bed cabin- very small - comfortable for the two of us, but I imagine it would get very crowded very quickly with more people. Bathroom very small. Shower is opposite the toilet ( unseen on pic) and about the same size as the toilet. Coffee maker in the room - ice available at the restaurant where you check in. Obviously you stay here for the location and early access to Logan pass before those On the other side of the park or outside the park can get there….

Avoid due to mold
User: jmseattle101 from: Seattle
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Sep, 7, 2022
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2022
Rating: 1
I am sensitive to mold and within 5 minutes of arriving I knew I would rather sleep in my car if I had to rather than spend one more second inside of the this cabin. The moldy smell was overpowering and I felt lightheaded right away. Definitely avoid this place if you know you have an issue with mold or smells, but honestly this level of mold is bad for everyone. I do NOT recommend these cabins. Keep driving a few more minutes to St. Mary for a place to stay that won’t make you feel awful. The cabins at Lake McDonald were fine-no issues for me.

7-Night Cabin Stay At Rising Sun Motor Inn
User: Kat_Cubs_fan from: Chickamauga, Georgia
Trip Type: Friends getaway
Published Date: Aug, 22, 2022
Travel Date: Jul, 1, 2022
Rating: 3
We stayed in both sides of Cabin #2 at Rising Sun Motor Inn during a late July visit. As location goes, this was an excellent area to stay, especially when construction on the west side was preventing early morning traffic there, while we had full access to the Sun Road 24/7. The duplex cabin, as described in other reviews, is small inside, with one queen bed, two end tables, and a desk. There is a closet for storage and hanging clothes with a few hangers furnished. There is no shelving for the very small sink located just outside the bathroom, but I made use of the furnished ironing board to serve as a shelf to hold many of my toiletries. Hand soap and lotion are provided in a dispenser at the sink, and shower gel, shampoo, and condition are provided in a dispenser inside the shower stall. There was a full roll of T. P. on the holder, and an extra roll on the toilet back when I arrived. The bathroom sink is very small and has very little storage space on it. Be careful to not drop anything down the "open" drain as well. There were adequate towels in the room upon arrival, but since no housekeeping is done during your stay, you must retrieve fresh ones and take back the dirty ones to the front desk down the hill. Since we were staying 7 nights, a lot of drop off and retrieval took place for swapping towels. The shower stall is small and has only a curtain which you have to make sure is tucked inside the very-low-step shower stall. I don't take hot nor long showers at all, but the water pressure and temperature was adequate for me. The toilet did get stopped up easily however, and twice I had to contact the front desk to have maintenance come plunge it for me; it just didn't seem to be flushing correctly nor adequately the entire stay. For one person in the room, there was ample drawer space for storage between the two night stands and the desk, but more people in the room would've been more difficult for drawer space. The bed was comfortable to me, but I'm used to sleeping on a "rock hard" mattress anyway, so it actually seemed soft to me. There was a box fan in the room I made use of both for air circulation purposes and white noise, but some would likely consider it very noisy and loud. There are two windows with screens on opposite sides of the cabin you may open to allow for cross ventilation (I had no problem raising the windows on my side of this cabin). There is a window in the bathroom with a screen which can also be opened for ventilation in there. There is a screen door you can also leave open to allow cooler air in, but as stated by others, no A/C. Due to the heat, I slept each night with my windows fully open and the cabin door as well to allow for maximum air ventilation. The room also has a small wall heater if needed, but staying there in July meant there was no need for it. Cell phone service was not available in the cabin by either of our providers (Verizon and Consumer Cellular), and wifi was only available in the lobby of the front desk area. You may obtain very small bags of ice from the front desk, or the camp store sells 10lb bags of ice for $4. We needed a lot of ice for a shared cooler that was not the greatest in quality, so we spent a lot of $$ on ice for the week. We each brought our own mini-fridges with us for the room, as we needed them for more cold storage than our shared cooler could provide. These were very handy to have, but we did bring our own...they are not furnished by Rising Sun. We ate several times at Two Dog Flats while staying at Rising Sun: once for breakfast and the rest of the time at dinner. Prices are high, but they are high everywhere in the area. We didn't feel we had a bad meal while there, and a few items we tried were very good. We were very thankful after 2 years, this restaurant was open for business during our stay this year. Front desk employees were always helpful and attentive to our needs & requests during their open hours, including prompt maintenance service on the toilet clogs I had twice. They responded very quickly, but hours are limited and if you are in need late at night, you're probably out of luck until the next morning. I also believe the "resident" black bear "Sunny" who hangs around the property paid me a visit one night while I slept, as his claw prints were impressed in my screen window the next morning. As stated, location is the main draw of this facility. It is only about 2 miles to Wild Goose Island, 12 miles to Logan Pass, and 5 miles to St. Mary. Staying here gets you unlimited access to the Sun Road without the need for road pass reservations. Being on the east side of the park, it is also avoiding the construction closure of the Sun Road which is occurring each evening on the west side, giving full access 24/7 to the Sun Road. As long as you can provide some of your own amenities, tolerate having no A/C in the summer months, and don't mind a bit of cramped, primitive accommodations, the cabins at Rising Sun Motor Inn should give you a nice stay in Glacier. This was my second stay here, and knowing what to expect and what to bring extra, I wouldn't hesitate to stay here again on future visits.

You pay for location not comfort
User: Richard S from: Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Aug, 14, 2022
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2022
Rating: 2
Stayed there for one night and was really disappointed. The park is great, the Motor Inn not so much. The cabin was over 80 degrees when we got in at 8:00pm and with no air or fan the room stayed about 80 until about 4am. It took a Herculean effort to open the two windows but only could them open about 6". The room is definitely no frills and looks like you are back in the 60's. Bed is pretty hard and I would bring your own pillow since the pillows are like sleeping on inflatable pillows. Would have been nice to have a small frig in the room to keep our food cold. Next time will stay outside the park and save the $$.

No hot water
User: Joseph C from:
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Aug, 9, 2022
Travel Date: Jun, 1, 2022
Rating: 1
This is a small cabin which was fine, but they did not have hot water so we had to take cold showers as there was no one to help service the bathrooms since it was late at night after our day. Beware of staying here as they did not do anything to remedy the situation when we told them the following day. We stayed at many places in Glacier, Yellowstone, and Grand Teton, and this was the only place we had issues with.

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