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Under Canvas Moab
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating: 956 reviews
Worst highway noise ever! Expensive and brutal 2 nights. The staff is lovely though.
User: Jennifer F from: Boulder, Colorado
Published Date: Oct, 18, 2023
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2023
Rating: 2
I am so sad to leave this review, but it is necessary. I planned a fantastic birthday road trip and was excited to spend two nights here. It was the worst experience for $600 per night! I would want to spend at most $200 a night. Positives - The staff is outstanding!!! The fireplace is lovely and keeps the tent warm for an hour. Negatives - Highway noise is unbearable!!! Even with the supplied noise machine and earplugs. I am not noise-sensitive and had the worst two nights of sleep during our 10-night road trip. At one point, I was considering moving to my car to sleep. This is a lovely concept, but I will not go to your other locations as I have PTSD. Please move your Moab location or dramatically reduce your prices, and be honest when people are booking. People are spending their hard-earned money and vacation time and sleeping at a truck stop or in the middle of a highway is horrible. That is what it feels like to sleep in your tent. We moved to a hotel in Moab and spent $500 for two nights and enjoyed ourselves, and slept through the night. Such a bummer!

So Hopeful, So Disappointed.
User: Sangfroid from: Denver
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Oct, 17, 2023
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2023
Rating: 1
We wanted so badly to love this experience. We pictured being out amongst the stars, in nature but comfortable. We got all of that, except the highway that is 100-200 yards from the tents rumbled with trucks the ENTIRE night. We didn’t sleep, couldn’t sleep. We should have known when they gave us ear plugs and sound machines for “occasional outdoor noises” at checkin. They were very accommodating when we said we couldn’t do it another night. Brilliant concept, unfortunate environmental hurdles. This will likely scare us away from any similar Under Canvas adventures, as this should have been made clear before we spent $300 per night. The four star hotel down the road was half that, and we got to sleep. Discouraged.

Skip It 😕
User: Sheila S from: Newburyport, Massachusetts
Published Date: Oct, 16, 2023
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2023
Rating: 2
This was $700 per night for family tent which is main text and second small tent! Not a $700 per night experience. Road noise all night. “Broken” espresso machine. No service after check in except power packs. Poor quality pillows and my tent was full of holes and moldy in parts. Zippers were difficult and clearly minimal attention to detail. It is run by kids who were very nice but def not 5 star hosts. No food and either scalding water or cold water. Night time stars and milky way are amazing but unpaved road with venomous snake sign was NOT a warm welcome with literal highway truck noise all night long. I cannot even imagine the summer heat. It was 40 degrees some mornings and no heat except a wood stove that smoked a lot. Not at all what I read about so I’d def glamp someplace else unless they cut prices in half. Disappointed after I was so so looking forward to it. Loved Moab and everything else about the trip tho so go to Moab but maybe try Sorel Spa? Not sure of name but heard much better things…

Don’t stay here
User: Q9233XM from: London, United Kingdom
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Oct, 14, 2023
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2023
Rating: 2
A somewhat shambolic, amateur set up. This place is expensive, very expensive. At 400 to 500$ a night, it is more expensive than a five star hotel - and this is a two star place. It’s run by what seems to be a bunch of college students with no experience at managing an expensive accommodation place. The tents have no electricity, there is no wi-fi whatsoever throughout the entire facility, important because the cell phone network is almost non existent here. There is no food whatsoever, just some coffee. The bathrooms are some distance away from many of the tents and there is very basic ( and bad) lighting on the pathways to get there, some of which is not working. You need to use the light on your phone after dark. A serious failing is that this facility is unnessarily right beside a busy highway with horrendous noise of passing trucks and cars all day and all night long. The only positive thing you can say about this overpriced facility is that the kids employed there to run it are friendly.

Not worth the money
User: BELStvaz from: Queen Creek, Arizona
Trip Type: Friends getaway
Published Date: Sep, 21, 2023
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2023
Rating: 3
Was so excited to bring our guests from Australia here. The property is situated between beautiful rock formations. Our tent had a large, comfortable king bed with lovely bedding. Front porch and chairs to sit outside. Trek to restrooms, but clean. Situated near main highway, VERY Noisey and EARPLUGS provided. There is NO food provided here! 5 miles to closest place. 🙁

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