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Bryce View Lodge
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Book Somewhere Else Unless You Don't Mind Cheap
User: marsha p from: Stoke Poges, United Kingdom
Published Date: Apr, 2, 2024
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2024
Rating: 1
If you don't mind cheap and horrible accommodation this could be the place for you. We had this booked for us via a group tour. Our room is old, outdated, the chairs are thread bare and falling apart, The door to the outside has a gap at the bottom letting all the cold air in. The bedding has other people's hair on it. It is cheap, but not cheerful, in fact the room is quite depressing. We would not book this.

One of the least expensive places to stay close by for a reason.
User: Glenn C from: Tampa, Florida
Published Date: Nov, 13, 2023
Travel Date: Nov, 1, 2023
Rating: 3
we just needed two days and this was the least expensive place. Since we would be out all day long and just needed a place to sleep and shower this place met our needs. The location is great, it's weird that you can actually check in next door at the fancy lodge as we had to as the office was locked up at around 3-4pm. The room is rough, walls are paper thin, floors are bowing up/not flat, vanity and toilet are super low/old, heater/ac is loud on start up & tv is tiny. Breakfast was good, located in a separate building with basic breads, fruits, cereal, muffins, etc.

Unacceptable given lack of warm water when showering
User: Mila G from:
Published Date: Oct, 17, 2023
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2023
Rating: 2
The lodge appeared to be okay. the rooms were reasonably clean, beds comfortable and noise levels low. However, when it came to showering there was a rude surprise. There was very little hot water. within 1-2 minutes of turning on the shower the water became tepid then cold. This occurred with every shower taken in our party of 4. We came back early from hiking thinking hot water had run out because the complex was full. Did not make an iota of difference. Wetting ourselves then turning off the shower to soap up turning water back on was equally futile. This problem alone cancels out all the other positives.

Bryce View Lodge..
User: Anthony M from:
Published Date: Sep, 14, 2023
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2023
Rating: 3
We was doing a road trip with family friends and pre booked the Bryce View Lodge, we arrived at 12 noon but the reception was closed, there was a sign to say closed but no time of return. We spoke to one of the room cleaners who was really helpful and suggested we come back in an hour, we went for something to eat and returned at 1 oclock ish. We then spoke to the receptionist and explained a member our our party was unwell and asked if just one was room available so she could rest, the receptionist Trisha was so unhelpful, saying no rooms available till 4pm , she was very frustrated and irrartated by our request, really poor customer service and felt let down. There is a sign on the reception desk saying " kindness is beautiful" we decided to go around Bryce Canyon (which is stunning) and return at 4pm met by another lady who was really nice.

An average stay
User: jojosc52 from:
Published Date: Jul, 10, 2023
Travel Date: Jul, 1, 2023
Rating: 3
I recently had the opportunity to stay at Bryce view lodge and overall, I found it to be an average hotel experience. While there were some positive aspects, there were also areas where improvements could be made. Let's start with the positives. The staff at Bryce view lodge was friendly and made a smooth check-in process for us. The hotel's location was also convenient, with easy access to main street shops, horse backing riding, restaurant's and shuttle services. However, there were a few aspects about my stay that fell short of my expectations. Firstly, the rooms could use some updating. The furniture and d├ęcor seemed outdated, the bedding and mattresses were adequate. There was no pool that i could see at this hotel. Another area that could be improved upon is the quality and variety of the breakfast offerings. Although the breakfast was included in the room rate, the selection was limited, and the quality of some food items was average at best. Cereal, muffins and fruit were done of choices. Furthermore, when we arrived we were told they would be having a scheduled power outage at midnight to 2am! We told them we needed power for medical devices and they pretty much said to bad so sad. Bryce view lodge provided a satisfactory stay, but there is definite room for improvement. With some updates to the rooms and better quality breakfast offerings. I guess i would recommend considering this hotel if location and friendly staff are top priorities.

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