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Lodge at Whitefish Lake
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating: 1550 reviews
Location = incredible. Service = lackluster at best.
User: RachelBurns1975 from: Saint Paul, Minnesota
Published Date: Sep, 11, 2023
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2023
Rating: 3
My husband and I stayed in one of the Lodge's luxury homes for 4 nights in early Sept. The luxury home, the lodge itself, the grounds and the location cannot be beat. Why this review is 3 stars out of 5 has to do with the staff's level of service. In a nutshell, upon every occasion of requesting help or asking a question, we were given a different response. Not only did we receive different answers to our questions, but you'd think we were asking for the moon when asking for a balance on our bill. There wasn't a smile or friendly greeting to be had. Even the front desk manager, when we asked to speak to a manager to clarify our charges, was very very rude. For the amount of money that we were spending ($1K/night), I guess we assumed that we would be treated halfway decent. To end this review on a happier note, Colin and Christina at the Boat Club Restaurant were excellent...very warm and friendly.

Just the Relaxation We Needed
User: justbeingchristy from: Athens, Georgia
Published Date: Sep, 6, 2023
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2023
Rating: 5
After spending several days at different types of lodging over a 9 day trip that started in Jackson Hole, spending our last 3 nights here was an absolute treat. We arrived after hiking 12 miles in Glacier National Park. We were dirty, sore and exhausted. The Lodge was exactly what we needed. Our room was beautiful and had a fantastic view of the pool, lake and marina. I loved being able to open the windows. We would have enjoyed the fireplace had been cool enough. The hot tub helped ease our sore muscles, the tiki bar drinks & food were great, the pool relaxing and the spa was much needed. We enjoyed 3 meals from The Boat House Restaurant which were fantastic where the service was top notch. Highly recommend The Lodge. Cannot wait to be able to go back.

Abysmal management, miserable staff, and grievous privacy violations on 4th of July
User: SommGirlCA from: California
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Sep, 1, 2023
Travel Date: Jul, 1, 2023
Rating: 1
As someone who worked in the hospitality industry in a destination area (Napa and Sonoma) before my career in law, I know the struggles. However, I also know the basic expectations that should be met when you are staying at a supposed luxury destination hotel that charges premium rates. The Lodge at Whitefish Lake and it’s hospitality management company Averill rely solely on the fact that this is the only resort location in town, which is the reason you see so many poor reviews. Hoping prospective travelers never see them, they’ll just dupe the next guest into thinking these are world class accommodations being handled by top management. Case in point: we are locals and decided to do a staycation for the 4th of July. Now, we’ve been guests at luxury resorts around the world, as well as unique boutique hotels, and budget friendly chains. There isn’t much we haven’t seen. However, our experience here during the 4th of July was an absolute miscarriage of common sense, logic and human decency. The weekend was obviously busy being that it was a holiday, but after check-in on the 3rd, it was apparent that they were understaffed as we were ignored when we attempted to get a drink at the Tiki bar, couldn’t get a seat at the restaurant, and denied room service. I later discovered they took on an event the 3rd and 4th, further backing up an already busy kitchen and denying services like in-room dining to paying guests at the hotel. The morning of the 4th, we decided to get up early to grab a chair at the pool. My husband headed down with our toddler and I proceeded to get ready in our room. To my shock and horror as I opened up what should have been the curtains to our private balcony, I was met face to face with two men in a scaffolding. I screamed and shut the curtain as my heart raced, given I was half naked. I wrapped myself up in the hotel robe and confronted them on our balcony. They told me they were painting our balcony that day. No notice or communication that they were starting at 9am, dropping cloths on our balcony or using our table as their work bench! Super classy. I was now stuck upstairs calling down to the front desk demanding they leave so I could get dressed privately as our two story suite did not have privacy with the curtains open and bedroom being loft style. See the videos for how obscene these contractors were as they spent an hour on our balcony with zero regard for using our space as a work bench. It was disrespectful, with absolutely no consideration for hotel guests or their rightful privacy and zero efforts made to clean the mess they left behind. I was finally contacted by Logan the resort manager, who victimized himself claiming he would be attacked for asking the contractors to remove themselves from our balcony. Are you kidding? You’re suppose to be the resort manager! Why are they even working on the 4th of July? Why weren’t we notified? How did the hotel not know they were coming today? The lack of accountability was oppressing. He offered nothing to us despite having the most expensive room at the hotel for the weekend and as a woman, being violated in such an inhumane and callous manner. Zero empathy. Logan was more concerned about the position he was in having to confront those men. I should have called the police and filed a report, ruminating on this violation now and Logan’s lack of discernment. When the contractors finally removed themselves 30 minutes later, I quickly got dressed and ran from my room and told my husband everything. He was floored. Nevertheless in an effort to save the day, we attempted to enjoy ourselves at the pool. However, the employees there were just as miserable. The lead bartender showed up to the Tiki bar roughly 15 minutes before his shift and was in a horrible mood. There were multiple people sitting at the bar waiting to order. I was in the chair closest to the bussing station and “carelessly” put two new pool towels on the bussing mat next to me. The bartender angrily barked “I’m not serving you until you move those towels.” Wow. Each customer essentially said “good luck” to each other as they ordered and returned to their chairs around the pool. There was no table service for the 4th of July- why would a hotel guest know if we aren’t standing in the right place or accidentally put a towel down on a bar mat? Needless to say, we didn’t stay long. Besides the sweet girl who was managing the towels and bussing the tables (we tipped her bc she was the best thing at the resort), we were exhausted over the inhumane treatment. We returned to our room to find the drop cloth and wet wet paint everywhere, and footprints on our table. I asked to speak with management again as this is not what we paid $1500 a night for. They offered a resort credit. For what? We can’t get room service, can’t order food in person, and get yelled at by grumpy staff. No thanks. We actually left the resort to eat and enjoy other activities because this place was so miserable. When I finally confronted Logan and the front desk manager in person, they were still aloof and took no accountability. Frankly, Logan has no right being in hospitality management. His apathetic demeanor makes you feel invalidated and our interaction was very callous. He begrudgingly agreed to refunding 1/2 night stay to us. Gee, thanks. If this review can save one or multiple guests from making the mistake of throwing their money away here, then my time providing my experience and exposing this company was worth it. Read the recent poor reviews and you will see the common complaints and denominators being repeated over and again. Time to clean house Averill. There’s no excuse for the abysmal atrocities you have allowed at this hotel, and an updated Tiki bar isn’t going to fix the fundamental problems. The locals carry you through the slow seasons and you treat us horribly. Frequent and good paying customers should not bear the burden of a poorly managed resort. For our part, we won’t be stopping by any time soon despite being regulars to the restaurant, spa and tiki bar.

So Lovely!!!!!
User: Irishladyinthecommon from:
Published Date: Aug, 30, 2023
Travel Date: Jul, 1, 2023
Rating: 5
We enjoyed ourselves so much!!!! From the moment we stepped into the lobby we knew it would be special. The pool was wonderful, huge hot tub, poolside bar....we also got lunch by the pool. Gorgeous view. Took a boat ride!!! Staff was very helpful, went swimming off the boat!!! The food was amazing...I had steak tender I ordered it a second time. Rooms were very clean, comfortable. Huge thank you to Logan for finding my little grandson's stuffed toy!! Crisis adverted! He even remembered us and chatted on our way to check kind!!!!

Bad parking attendant
User: Mike B from:
Published Date: Aug, 29, 2023
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2023
Rating: 1
We entered the parking lot to park and rent a boat. There was no one around so we continued to look for a spot. The attendant came running out screaming that we were speeding through the lot and children were there. He stopped acting like an idiot when we began screaming back. Then he calmed down and sent us in the wrong direction. After about 10 minutes we figured he sent us in the wrong direction on purpose and returned. We found a nice kid to park our car and had a great time on the boat. Maybe he had PMS but I would never return to the Lodge at Whitefish Lake again.

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