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Bryce Canyon Pines Lodge
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating: 726 reviews
Bryce Canyon Lodge awesome stay.
User: Laura F from: Enid, Oklahoma
Published Date: Jun, 27, 2024
Travel Date: Jun, 1, 2024
Rating: 5
This lodge was wonderful. The staff was very friendly and the rooms were very clean. They came in to change out the towels, which were the best ever, and made the beds every day. The beds and pillows were very comfortable. Even though they did not serve breakfast, the restaurant next door was wonderful. I would highly recommend this lodge.

no pool, no wifi, owner refused a full refund.
User: Efi E from:
Published Date: Jun, 23, 2024
Travel Date: Jun, 1, 2024
Rating: 2
Made a reservation, but did not end up staying here. When we arrived we were notified that the pool was broken, and that our rooms had no wifi. We chose to stay somewhere else. Owner refused a full refund. Would not book here again, I found better options nearby.

Average Hotel Good for a Short Stay
User: MikeandCaroRetired from: Heber City, Utah
Published Date: Jun, 18, 2024
Travel Date: Jun, 1, 2024
Rating: 3
This property was good for us for just a one night stay. Staff were friendly and helpful. Parking was convenient to the rooms. Room was clean and beds were comfortable. The restaurant was nearby and the food was very good. Bathroom showers were very good. Plenty of hot water. Bathrooms very small with almost no room for your toiletries. About 8 inches on each side of the sink. Nice large TV's, supposedly with cable service. We couldn't make a connection in either room. Selections available but when you selected something, message received 'not available'

Nothing to Write Home About
User: christam484 from: Jenkinsburg, Georgia
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Jun, 14, 2024
Travel Date: Jun, 1, 2024
Rating: 3
My son argues that we should give a lower rating, but really, our stay would have been average had the utility company not been completing work nearby. The young lady at the front desk was very nice and the first night the room was fine. As there has been some debate about the television- yes, there was a tv, but it kept giving the Direct TV message that we were attempting a restricted channel and that was the case for all the channels. No biggie. I read my book. The next morning, the water shut off in the middle of my son taking his shower. It stayed off for about eight hours. When it finally came back on and my son attempted to complete his earlier shower, the water was muddy. It would have been nice if the establishment had purchased bottled water and made it available but that did not happen, and we felt unsafe using the tap for brushing our teeth or drinking from it the next morning as there had been no communication. Also, speaking of water, the pool was also a mess and closed which was really disappointing after a hot day of hiking and dirty shower water. Aside from these inconveniences, the room was basic but good: fridge, microwave, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, a small table and chair, peaceful location, and great proximity to Bryce Canon.

Unavailable staff, unhelpful, not safe.
User: Lacey R from:
Published Date: Apr, 29, 2024
Travel Date: Mar, 1, 2024
Rating: 1
Highlights of this review: No hot water, bad costumer service/unavailable after 9pm, unsecure doors/locks. We stayed at this hotel for two nights at the end of March. We had hot water the first night, although it didn't get that hot and was on and off with colder water. The rest of the stay we had zero hot water. We were not notified about this or given any explanation and only received a 10% discount after complaint at checkout. On our second night here, we arrived to our room at 10pm to find our hotel door wide open. We attempted to contact front desk by ringing the doorbell for after hours support and no one ever came. In the morning after inquiring if there were cameras so we could see if someone had tried to break into our room, we were informed that our area of the hotel does not have security cameras and the locks on the doors are "old and need replacing," so front desk person thought maybe the wind blew the door open??? We did not feel safe here. We didn't get any reimbursement for any of our other complaints and the management did not respond to multiple attempts at communication. Thankfully the Sheriffs in this area were extremely helpful and kind humans.

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