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Lake Yellowstone Hotel And Cottages
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User: kevin p from: New Cumberland, Pennsylvania
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Sep, 25, 2021
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2021
Rating: 4
We got one of the last rooms booking in August. Very surprised we got a room. I had forgotten when planning to account for the time to drive the delays. We had a 45 minute road construction delay and then an hour delay when a tourist went down an embankment in a rental car. The view from Lake Lodge is incredible. Our room was in the annex. No view. The room was tight. It was a double. We brought a pad and sleeping bag for daughter to sleep on. We were warned with the buffet that when the food ran out, it ran out. We got on a waiting list and waited 1.5 hours. Have us time to unpack and get ready. No shortage of food. Wife was a little freaked out that we were off the grid. I loved it! Breakfast buffet was good. We left, and good drive to Cody. First time on that route.

User: Autumn2023 from:
Published Date: Sep, 23, 2021
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2021
Rating: 5
We recently stayed at the Lake Yellowstone d had a wonderful visit. My only complaint is all the complainers we had to listen to. Everything from the lines for food, cold food and having their baggage taken up to their room, internet you name it. It was amazing what the staff accomplished with limited personnel. We received constant updates on the challenges the park was having with staff prior to our arrival and were prepared for it. Those that complained need to open up their eyes and stay informed. This is a remote area and if they want all the comforts of home stay there. Yes we paid $600 a night as well and experiences the beauty the area has. We stayed a total of 4 nights in the park with nothing but great memories! Can't wait to return!

Huge Disappointment
User: Schmanet from: Carmel, Indiana
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Sep, 22, 2021
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2021
Rating: 1
When I booked this hotel in May I was lead to believe there would be a normal dining room experience. Pictures of tables with linen tablecloths, etc. The room looked beautiful, though at an average of $600/night, it should look beautiful. We visited the park 25 years ago while camping and decided to splurge for this perfect location in the park. Unfortunately they are charging Ritz Carlton prices for Super 8 service. The room was fine but we paid for a “deluxe” lake view room which was blocked by an outdoor balcony. I was lead to believe there was Internet, but you had to go down the road to the lodge to get that. I don’t mind disconnecting but in this day and age there is a level of expectation to at least be able to check email, bank accounts, etc. The eating situation was a nightmare. They expect you to get in line at 4:00 and you could wait over 2 hours for a very mediocre buffet meal for $29/person. They give you a buzzer like you were at Olive Garden but you can’t leave the first floor. Who wants to spend 2 hours a night waiting to eat when you’re in Yellowstone? The drinks are expensive, the bartender was the rudest I have ever encountered, and everyone is drunk and angry by the time they sit down to eat. We went outside the park three nights and bought breakfast and lunch at a nearby gas station market to avoid dealing with the hotel. The room was not clean to begin with and they “cleaned” it on day 4 of 6. Basically they made the bed and brought fresh towels. They didn’t clean the bathroom or empty the trash. We reserved a cabin the the back for our son and honestly at $200 a night it was a much better deal. I get that they have a staffing shortage, but then don’t charge $600/night and reduce the number of guests until the situation improves. Such a huge disappointment but luckily we didn’t let it ruin our trip.

Grand Hotel with a great view
User: JimNColleyville_TX from: Colleyville, Texas
Published Date: Sep, 19, 2021
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2021
Rating: 3
Unlike other reviewers all the staff and management we dealt with were very friendly, made us feel welcome and were very helpful. Our stay was in the main hotel building so paying over $400 per night was a disappointment considering only buffets were offered for breakfast and dinner at an added cost. Food at breakfast was plain with some frozen hash browns and French toast sticks offered in addition to the usual scrambled eggs, bacon, etc. Dinner selections were greater but not a quality worthy of the price. In fairness to the property, much of the problems were due to staffing shortages and they at least limited meals to hotel guests only.

"Location fine but needs a new Management overall"
User: Mick S from: New York City, New York
Published Date: Sep, 15, 2021
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2021
Rating: 3
We arrived at the hotel and the main building is very impressive with a beautiful view over Lake Yellowstone as shown on the website, hence our main reason to book this hotel, combined with its history. At reception we were met by a rather terse lady and she directed us to the Sandpiper Lodge complex outside. I explained we had paid a lot of money and were told that we would be in the main building with a lake view when we booked over the phone and asked if there were any rooms in the main building. We were told, in no uncertain terms, that no rooms were available in the main building. We left and walked over the carpark, 200 or so yards to the room in Sandpiper Lodge, it was small taken up by a King bed and the window view was the carpark and not worth the amount of money we paid. We were so disappointed we became very upset and tears began to flow. I personally walked back to the reception and asked to speak to the manager. I spoke to a male receptionist (Steve I think) and he was totally different from the previous receptionist and fully understood our situation. Eventually he found us a room (128) in the main building with a lake view. The new room was totally different, large, comfortable King bed, large bathroom and clean. The remainder of our one night stay was excellent. If booking ensure you are in the main building and don't be fooled into accepting the Sandpiper Lodge, unless you booked it to save costs. The first impressions are so important and the first receptionist we met, needs to undergo communication skill training, having said that all the staff we encountered after that were friendly and supportive. There is no WiFi which needs to be installed in this 24/7 business world. There was no TV in the room but personally I did not want it whilst staying in this beautiful countryside. Apparently there was a shortage of staff, but the hotel could do with a waiter service restaurant instead of a buffet. As in previous reviews, a hotel with a lot of potential just needs a new management skill set.

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