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Lake Yellowstone Hotel And Cottages
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Cottage Stay
User: Tammi P from: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Published Date: Jan, 3, 2021
Travel Date: Jul, 1, 2020
Rating: 3
This was our first time staying IN Yellowstone National Park. We stayed at 3 different cabins. This one was our first night and our least favorite of the cabins. It was fine, but being in beautiful Yellowstone, you'd think they could make it nicer instead of looking like a bunch of cabins stuck in a parking lot. Looking at other reviews, it is weird how many people complain about lack of TV. It is specifically stated when you book that there are no TVs, no air conditioning, and no internet access. People really should read the fine print.

Total bust
User: chimomoftwo from: Westfield, New Jersey
Published Date: Oct, 23, 2020
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2020
Rating: 2
We were so excited to stay here, but unfortunately due to the Covid Pandemic, the main hotel was closed, so we stayed in the yellow stand alone cabins next to the larger hotel. OMG what a joke, completely bare bones, no tv, no wifi, mosquitos IN the room, broken screens, uncomfortable beds and NOT CHEAP!! Like the convenience of staying in the park but we had high expectations for this price point and we were very disappointed.

User: Pat M from: Boulder, Colorado
Published Date: Oct, 7, 2020
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2020
Rating: 2
Bare bones. No amenities other than beds & bathroom. No TV, no wifi, no fridge, no microwave, but a huge price-tag (~$300/nt.) The only thing going for it is location, location, location. Stay in the lodge or the hotel if at all possible. The biggest irritant was that there was NOT a coffee maker as advertised. I wonder if Fauci has heard that covid is transmitted via a coffee maker! So to drive to the only cafeteria in the area, put yourselves at risk with all those other people indoors, touch the screen to order, then the coffee spout that everyone else touches, is somehow a safer option to get morning coffee? Great minds came up with this plan.

WAYYY overpriced for the experience
User: Daniel S from: Charlevoix, Michigan
Published Date: Oct, 4, 2020
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2020
Rating: 3
My wife and I have literally just come back from Yellowstone National Park; my wife wanted the experience of staying in the park, so we did and we ended up at the Sandpiper which is, sort of, connected to the Lake Yellowstone Hotel. Mind everyone, I am aware of the covid problems and the main hotel was closed to visitors. The room was small, there was NO TV and NO wifi. I am aware that wifi is rare in Yellowstone and so is cell service, but it only upset me when I saw that the service staff had wifi but the Sandpiper did not. For the most part, the room was comfortable, and every night we were there we had partying people either in the room next door or the room above us, which made sleep difficult at times. The true best part was the Elk herd that traveled behind the hotel, which placed us very close to the wild life that Yellowstone is known. I know that the item I speak of will not be remedied in the near or distant future...people want the Yellowstone experience and are willing to put up with the deficiencies of this 2 star hotel with 5 star prices. If you want the Yellowstone experience, do not stay here...we calculated that the hotel rate we paid was 2 TIMES the price of the hotel we were going to spend in downtown Rome, Italy at a 5-star hotel

Convenient choice
User: db7477 from: Carlsbad, California
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Oct, 2, 2020
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2020
Rating: 3
We stayed two (2) nights in Lake Yellowstone’s Sandpiper Lodge. The room was clean and functional. It’s certainly not a great value at $400 per night (without daily service) but it is only 30 minutes to either the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone or to Upper Geyser Basin. Takeout food service due to COVID-19 was available nearby at the Lake Lodge. It was a great base of operations for a magical first visit to Yellowstone but at a price higher than we paid for a premium suite with breakfast overlooking the caldera on Santorini (Greece). Go figure.

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