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Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel & Cabins
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Nice winter weekend getaway
User: bauman147 from: Sweetgrass, Montana
Published Date: Feb, 7, 2021
Travel Date: Jan, 1, 2021
Rating: 4
Pricey, but rooms are very quiet and recently renovated with a walk-in shower, mini fridge and 2 cup coffee maker. The bed was comfortable, although the room was warmer than I like (and turning the thermostat down didn't seem to do any good) and the halogen lights in the parking lot squealed at night. If you are driving in, the parking lot is small and it can be difficult to maneuver large vehicle in and out of the narrow spots so you may want to just park out front and walk.

Mostly Okay
User: Reefwatcher from: Topeka, Kansas
Published Date: Jan, 23, 2021
Travel Date: Dec, 1, 2020
Rating: 3
Given the spectacular setting, it's hard to be too critical of this property. On the other hand, lack of competition for the tourist dollar is fairly obvious. I stayed here for six nights, four of which were booked as part of a winter wolf discovery tour. My room must have been one of the recently updated ones; it simple but classic and lovely, and quite large. The oversized windows afforded a wonderful view of the gorgeous surroundings. The bathroom was beautiful, with retro black and white tile and an enormous walk-in shower, which might have been perfect if not for the silly (form over function) rain shower head mounted on the nine-foot ceiling. Unfortunately, I did have some issues during my stay. To start with, my room was cold when I arrived. I figured out fairly quickly that the large, double-hung window near the bed was not completely closed. I resolved that on my own and thought that would be then end of the story. But for the first two days, I could not coax any heat from the baseboard unit, and even worse, had two very tepid showers. On night number two, I actually slept under my down coat in order to stay sufficiently warm. Finally, on the third evening I called for assistance. A very pleasant gentlemen came to my room, around 7pm, no less, and worked for some time to try to revolve the lack of hot water by adjusting the control unit. (I assured him I was definitely not in danger of being scalded.) We also discussed the heating, which despite assurances, I was confident was not working as it should. I survived that night with a requested extra blanket, and then after returning from my all-day tour the next day, was thrilled to walk into a warm room. A fix had clearly been made behind the scenes, and based on conversations with fellow guests, my room was not the only one involved. Okay, problem solved... I should have complained sooner. The covid precautions here seemed a bit over-the-top to me. There was absolutely no place to socialize with fellow guests (intentional, no doubt), with one huge, empty room on one side of the lobby, and a nearly always crowded gift and ski shop on the other side. There was zero service to my room during a six-night stay. There were ample towels provided for my stay, but strangely, only three coffee packs for the in-room coffee maker. When I asked for more coffee, a staff member seemed stymied, because "we can't enter your room while you're here." I suggested someone open the door, throw the coffee in, and run. I got my coffee. The dining room, with its bright lights and employees in masks, face shields, and gloves, felt a bit like a sci fi movie. The staff was, without exception, friendly and accommodating. The menu could use a little work and lightening up, but overall, it was... adequate. Once the room warmed up and I was able to get a hot shower, I was quite comfortable here. Even with those inconveniences, I'd go back. After all, this is Yellowstone in winter.

good winter base of operations
User: Kirk E from: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Published Date: Jan, 20, 2021
Travel Date: Jan, 1, 2021
Rating: 4
We spent four nights here as part of a Yellowstone Forever Winter Wolf Discovery Package, and found the lodging experience mostly trouble-free. With its classic mountain-lodge design and wide, endless corridors, it's hard not to evoke comparisons to the Overlook Hotel from The Shining, minus the ghosts but with the same sense of slightly faded grandeur. Our double-bed room was perfectly functional and sleep was never a problem (a good thing given the early-morning call times for exploration). The bathroom, however, was another story: a clawfoot tub refitted with a rain shower in the center of the room, a narrow sink and even narrower shelf that failed to provide adequate space of toiletries. Front desk staff rotated between pleasant and indifferent on any given day, with the exception of the always friendly and helpful porters. The dining room operated under some of the strictest staff protocols I've seen anywhere, though its menu could stand for a little upgrading, especially in winter, when it's the only available option.

The Winter Couples Adventure Package is Amazing
User: 798krism from: Greenville, South Carolina
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Jan, 10, 2021
Travel Date: Jan, 1, 2021
Rating: 5
If you went to Yellowstone in the summer years ago and found yourself with a billion other visitors try the Couples Winter Adventure Package out of the Mammoth Springs Hotel / Xanterra. It was fantastic. Lump sum covers absolutely everything from Bozeman pickup / drop off to all guided snow coach excursions ( 3 full days ), to four nights room, all meals etc. In the winter, no crowds at Yellowstone and MORE animals. Snow landscapes at mountains, geysers, and canyons were breathtaking. Ask for our Guide, Scott Shotolen, who was an absolutely best in class guide and made our vacation fantastic. Add a night on your own in Bozeman, MT before Yellowstone to start the fun. We Highly recommend this trip, & especially Scott. And yes, we did see the wolves!

Favorite Yellowstone Cabin
User: Tammi P from: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Published Date: Jan, 3, 2021
Travel Date: Jul, 1, 2020
Rating: 4
I have always wanted to stay IN Yellowstone National Park, but usually you have to book so far in advance that it isn't possible. Due to Covid, I was able to book cabins throughout the park as soon as they became available. Since we live in Colorado, a road trip to Yellowstone is not that difficult. The cabin at Mammoth was our favorite. It faced a nice lawn area with trees and little creatures running around. It was nice to sit on the front porch and just relax or play games. It was also convenient walking distance to the food and stores that were open. Parking was right next to the cabin, which was very convenient. The beds were comfortable and the cabins were nice and clean. I would love to stay here again.

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