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Zion Mountain Ranch
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A rustic gem
User: pflemo from: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Published Date: May, 17, 2022
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2022
Rating: 4
So our cabin was pretty rustic; a little rough around the edges in parts but was comfortable and convenient. Obviously the main thing is getting to Zion and that's a short and easy drive though if you don't find parking in the park, you'll have to exit the other side, park and shuttle so keep in mind. We took advantage of the restaurant a couple of times and highly recommend. They seem to be working on improvements and overall would recommend.

Good in parts
User: R2386IDdavids from: Colchester, United Kingdom
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: May, 8, 2022
Travel Date: May, 1, 2022
Rating: 3
Lovely staff, great location & some nice food in the restaurant. It looks like they are working to improve things but the room we had (106) needs a lot of work - small bathroom that needs a deep clean to stop the smell from the plug (they did change the smelly shower curtain when asked), broken chair & blind, uncomfortable sofa bad to sit on. Cleaning service also needs to improve. We thought some of the dishes in the restaurant where excellent but others not to our taste. Servers (especially the guy) where lovely.

Wonderful place to stay!
User: errnanc from:
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Apr, 22, 2022
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2022
Rating: 5
Such a lovely place on the East side of Zion. And because it’s the East side, lines to get into the park we’re non existent. So much better than staying in Springdale. Quiet, relaxing and beautiful! Breakfast at the restaurant was delicious! Would definitely recommend this place to anyone!

Nothing in our cabin works and management is unresponsive
User: S3961LGsarahh from:
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Apr, 11, 2022
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2022
Rating: 2
We are in cabin 156, a two bedroom with a loft. We are shelling out $479 a night for 5 nights. That’s over $2600 total. I contacted management on Thursday notifying them of several issues. 1.) the washer and dryer were not functional. We packed less knowing we are staying in a cabin with laundry so we had to hang soaking wet clothes in the bathroom as the dryer door is held together with duct tape. 2) the door to the deck locks you out if you close it behind you, luckily one of our children was still inside and let us in. 3) they gave us the smallest coffee maker that spilled everywhere. 4.) the cabin was generally not well taken care of, lots of dust, chips in walls, etc. 5) I told her we could not figure out the AC/heat, she told me when maintenance came they would show us how to work it. I addressed these issues with the manager who let me know these items would be fixed and that she put in a work order for them. That was on Thursday. we did received a coffeemaker which was nice that same day, But as of Sunday nothing about the laundry, door, heat/ac was addressed. I went to the check in to inquire and no “notes” or “work orders” were in the system. The handyman was right there and heard what we were talking about and confirmed he received no information about issues at our cabin. He came with us and fixed the door handle and tried to work on the laundry but after trying another load the dryer with its broken door didn’t work still. He informs me that it’s been broken and the part is ordered but no one made us aware of this prior to our arrival. On top of all that the gas heat stove won’t turn on anymore and we endured a freezing night last night. With no instructions on how the individual ac/heat units in each room work we figured out how to get one of them to blow some warm air at 4am. Overall our view is pretty, the restaurant for dinner cordwood was good. But the accommodations, lack of concern by management, and staff who is unaware of any issues with what appears to be a complete lack of communication is extremely disappointing. We flew from MD to Vegas and drive 3.5 hours all while paying more that our mortgage for 5 nights to have this type of stay. Not to mention the outside of the cabin smells like sewage and for some reason smelled in the cabin last night as well. I can’t say I would recommend this place unless you are willing to pay even more for a “newer and nicer” cabin that some of our family is staying at. But I feel you should treat all your guests well and be communicating with them if there are issues.

Serene & beautiful cabins
User: SusieQinUT from: Midway, Utah
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Apr, 7, 2022
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2022
Rating: 4
Peaceful, serene, beautiful. These are the reasons we chose to stay on Zions east side. Zion Mountain Ranch met our expectations with its gorgeous setting. Our cabin was the perfect size and well equipped. Breakfast missed the mark for us. Our hostess seemed flustered and although we were the only party, there were no plates and hardly any eggs. Our request for decaf coffee was met with "well, I'll have to make some, but yeah, I can do that" The coffee took a good 15 minutes, and only came because my husband told her to just bring whatever the little bit the machine had brewed! We asked if they could do over-easy eggs....this had to be approved by the chef (who said yes), but after 30 minutes, no eggs ever came out of the kitchen! There was also discrepancy on the cost of Breakfast from the front desk and what we were charged. The Cordwood on site dining experience is pricey, but very good. The accommodations were excellent. We truly enjoyed our stay.

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