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Zion Mountain Ranch
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Most wonderful stay near Zion NP
User: AnotherTraveler723 from:
Published Date: Jan, 7, 2024
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2023
Rating: 5
We stayed at this ranch for 2 nights to visit Zion National Park during a 3 week road trip through the west of the USA, and we were absolutely amazed by the accomodation. Our first night we were given a warm welcome by Mark who explained everything about the ranch and the National Park. After a strenous day of hiking the Narrows we were able to relax completely at the Preserve Cabin Suite. It had everyhting we could have wished for, comfortable bed and pillows, a nice patio with a rocking chair overlooking the ranch, a lovely and large jetted bathtub, microwave, refrigerator,.... It had a nice and warm atmosphere and the most stunning views on the night sky with its many stars. Our second day we were able to discover more of the ranch and were pleasantly surprised to meet popcorn and peanut, the 2 pigs, the dogs, the horses, the chickens. This place just has it all. You are a bit further from the National Park then when you would stay in Springdale, but you get to drive the Zion Mount Carmel Highway (Zion Canyon Scenic Drive), which is absolutely worth it. We would highly recommend this place!

Great staff!
User: Veronica D from:
Published Date: Jan, 2, 2024
Travel Date: Jan, 1, 2024
Rating: 5
The staff is very accommodating and even installed curtains in the kid's rooms so they could sleep past sunrise. Housekeeping checked on us often. Horseback riding with Kenzie was beautiful and had an amazing view!

Used to be incredible, now it’s just ok.
User: jdneedler04 from: Santa Rosa Beach, Florida
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Dec, 5, 2023
Travel Date: Nov, 1, 2023
Rating: 3
This is/was a gem out in the middle of no where. This was personally my 4th visit here and 3rd with my family. My wife and I are 40, kids are 14 and 6. Cabin 132 during our stay. It is not what it used to be though. Pros: comfortable bed. Big kitchen with large fridge, sink with disposal, plates, cups, mugs, utensils provided. Washed and dryer. Dishwasher. 3 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms. Hot tub. Servers were fabulous at Restaraunt, Ashley and Mark I believe. Cons: they don’t come and clean. The housekeeping will make your bed and take trash/dirty towels, provide you with new towels. I swept with a broom almost daily. A housekeeper tracked dirt in late in the day after I had just swept on one occasion. Couldn’t believe it. The rug in our cabin was so filthy I had to move it outside. The hot tub was not clean and not topped off. The Restaraunt was simply not good. Overpriced food without a good chef. The Thanksgiving meal was way overpriced. $75 a plate and no steak!? Kids did not like dinner or breakfast. Overall: when we checked in room wasn’t ready, they had to fix a toilet. One of the employees, a skinny male with dark hair and a young child he was letting wander around the parking lot was pretty unprofessional about it. The ladies at check in were pretty stellar. The guy I’m describing though, they should can his arse. The ladies were able to get us into cabin 128 for the night. Only problem, water smelled terrible of egg water. The views from our cabin (132) are simply incredible. Short drive to Zion National Park, about 30 minutes To the parking area for the shuttle. The drive to Bryce Canyon was about 1 hour and 15 min. We did get some great hiking in at both parks. We spent quite a bit of time in the cabin. No tv, just dvds for the tv. You can get dvds at the check in area. The cabin is in need of an update, but still very nice for this area. We decided this was our last trip to this ranch as they have not kept up with the ranch, and the meals were very subpar. The Thunderbird diner down the road was better and way cheaper. Simply put if I’m going to spend 10 grand to fly out, rent a car, stay at your cabin for a week I want great meals and a real cleaning service. Hopefully they invest some money into this place and make it excellent as it was 2-4 years ago when I last visited! Thanks so much to Mark for his kindness, listening, understanding, he is the man. Also the ladies at check in/out and Ashley were amazing!

This place was probably cool 5 years or more ago
User: 60JeffM from: Berryton
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Nov, 15, 2023
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2023
Rating: 1
The cabin which appeared to be in the desert was actually in a shabby campground. The sign on the hiway was lit with some Home Depot solar lights that were laying on top of the broken floodlight bulb and exposed wiring. The next sign after that was behind a tree. The cabin number was not lit. The parking was so narrow that a hydrant in an untrimmed bush dented the door. The siding is peeling off and the hot water tank wire is hanging on the side of the cabin. The key keeper was weather worn and a hassle. The heat didn’t work until the service person had been there an hour. One upside, there was two servings of coffee for two people staying for two days. They did use a 12 gauge extension code with a splitter to run the mini fridge, a lamp and the coffee pot. ZMR clearly hired a great company to photograph and write copy but there is a reason the awards stopped in 2018. It seems that they quit doing maintenance then as well

Relaxing stay in a beautiful location, just outside of Zion National Park
User: Jennifer-L-State48 from: Phoenix, Arizona
Published Date: Nov, 13, 2023
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2023
Rating: 5
My husband and I wanted to explore Zion National Park but not stay in a hotel, so we booked a Preserve Cabin Suite at Zion Mountain Ranch. We had an excellent experience and would unequivocally recommend staying here. The stay was not perfect but the only negative that upset me was addressed beyond my satisfaction. Check-in was very easy. They have movies on DVD that you may use without cost. There is also a quaint gift shop in the lobby. We met two of their Great Pyrenees dogs during check in. They are very chill and love belly rubs :) The dogs patrol the property at night and protect the chickens from predators, we were told. Our cabin had parking that was wide enough to accomodate two full-size SUVs. There were rustic steps leading up to our cabin door, similar to what you might see on well-groomed hiking trails. If carrying your luggage up stairs is an issue for you, perhaps ask for a more accessible cabin as we did see some. It was not an issue for us. There were cabins on each side of ours. They were staggered such that we could not see into those cabins from our windows or porch. There were wildflowers all around our cabin and many more recently-dormant plants. I imagine there are lots of flowers in the late spring and summer months. We really enjoyed sitting in the porch swing and enjoying the vista. It was very relaxing. The king-size bed was one of the most comfortable I have ever slept on! We slept well, except that we had difficulties regulating the temperature of the cabin. We were cold when we went to sleep, but woke up hot. The thermostat changed the temperature fast enough. The couch was moderately comfortable although a bit small for our taste. We enjoyed sitting there and watching the fireplace at night. The cabin had a microwave with a small refrigerator. Some dishes and silverware were provided. The bathroom was spacious. My husband loved the rain shower head. There was good water pressure and the hot water came very quickly. The claw foot tub was large and very relaxing to soak in. However, I would recommend turning the jets on before getting in. I turned them on while I was in the tub and was immediately surrounded by floating black material that looked like mold. It was the only negative thing on our trip. I just used the shower the rest of the stay. It took us about 30 minutes to drive from our cabin to the South Entrance of the park. The drive is quite scenic and includes passing Checkerboard Mesa and going through the Zion-Mount Carmel Tunnel. The drive was not a deterrent for us at all. We arrived at the park's peak season, so we had to park almost a mile away from the park entrance and walk. We might consider staying at a hotel in Springdale next time, just to avoid the cost of parking every day and have less of a walk to the entrance. Maybe... we might just stay at ZMR and budget in the parking costs and extra walk. It rained one day and part of another, but the cabin was a great place to stay while rained in. The front porch was deep enough that we could keep the front door open and enjoy the sound of the rain. We had dinner two nights at the on-site restaurant, Cordwood. I don't remember exactly what we ate because I am writing this about 2 months after our stay. My husband had a steak of some kind and enjoyed it so much that he ordered the same thing the next night. I had different meals each night, including a fish that was caught in Utah that was excellent. Being raised in a coastal area, I am highly critical of seafood dishes but this was an incredible meal! We also enjoyed the beer and wine selections - small but interesting menu. Part of the dining room overlooks the ranch and has a beautiful view. We sat there the first night and watched a large party of young women in Renaissance-style dresses who appeared to be having a photo shoot followed by an event in an adjacent enclosed patio-like structure. We sat in the back of the restaurant the second night, not the same view but a bit quieter and equally enjoyable. Check-out was just as easy as check-in. I brought up the black floaters in the tub and let them know how appalling it was to be soaking in that, even briefly. The lady asked how they could make it right. She felt that was I asked for was not adequate, and gave us more off the bill than I suggested. She really understood how I felt and truly made up for it. Thank you Zion Mountain Ranch for an enjoyable stay and excellent customer service!

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