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Zion Mountain Ranch
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Overpriced and Underwhelmed
User: barbinarizona from: tempe, az
Published Date: May, 12, 2021
Travel Date: May, 1, 2021
Rating: 2
OThe stay here was to be the highlight stay of our big road trip. We understand supply and demand, but we feel price gouged at $309 a night. Got there late afternoon. Front desk guy was brusque at best. cabin was across the highway with a view of, well, the highway. constant cars didn't make for good time sitting on the porch. cabin was overly smelly from cleaners, yet, floor wasn't swept, lightbulb was out. chairs were incredibly uncomfortable. bathroom appointments were builder grade at best and towels were thin and scratchy. floor trim not attached to wall, dings on wall and door, caulk on the homemade bathroom vanity, shortest toilet in the world. I could go on..... we opted not to eat at the restaurant as it looked like meals were in the $45 to $60 range for entrees and we decided the proprietors had enough of our money.

cruel ranch
User: Monica G from: Los Angeles, California
Published Date: May, 5, 2021
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2021
Rating: 1
If you love animals and expect respect, don't bother coming to Zion Mountain Ranch. I visited the bunny pen and found that there was no food or water for the rabbits. They had no bedding to protect their paws from the wire pen flooring. It was so sad, the rabbits were so thirsty they were pushing each other out the way to get water. The ponies did not have shelter. The animals seemed to be treated more like a display than living animals. I asked for the caretaker and was told that she was coming. When I returned from my hike no one had fed the rabbits. I met Ashley , who was taking care of the 3 ponies , and told me that other guests had complained about this problem. I went and got some greens and because the rabbits were notably starving. After 2 days , I met the general manager who is a bitter person. She told me that if I do't like the way things are done around there that she can evict me from the hotel. This was a shocking response. Not only did she not seem to care about the welfare of the rabbits , but she also did not respect my concerns as a guest. I felt that I had to do her job in making sure the animals are properly cared for. Why bother having rabbits that obviously do no take care of? you don't need to be a member of PETA to know that something is wrong with the way they treat animals here. On top of this, the photos of the food and room were not accurate to the reality of this place. Hope this review helps!

If you stay here, lower expectations
User: 614travisg from:
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: May, 4, 2021
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2021
Rating: 1
There is no way I can give a rating low enough for this place, I hope my words can help steer some people towards other options. First this place should easily be phenomenal, it’s setting is majestic and that alone should give it an advantage. However, when it’s run by greed and employees who just don’t care things quickly fall apart. We arrived on 4/29/21 and the front desk was less than helpful. Part of our group was going to arrive well after the front desk had closed, we inquired how this would work and they informed us there would be an envelope with keys in it outside for them. At midnight when our tired travelers arrived, sure enough an envelope was waiting with a key in it, sadly we do now know what cabin the key was for. Panic set in as they scrambled, in the dark, to get into to a rented cabin with a key that wouldn’t work with multiple children desperately in need of a bed. You’d think the phone, the website, FaceBook, or other method would surely have an emergency number, nope! After almost 30 minutes of struggle to find a solution it was discovered a door at the rear of the house over the railing was unlocked. Other members of the party had left voice messages, sent FaceBook messages and attempted anything to get in touch with someone. The following morning surely there would be a concerned employee reaching out... nope, well at least not until 5pm when a FaceBook response arrived. The cabin we rented, #142, was also disappointing. For $809 a night for a small cabin there are many things you should expect; walk way lighting to be working and not lying haphazardly on the ground, satellite/cable, decent A/C (thankfully highs were 80 not 95), daily housekeeping, some amenities, decent curtains on east facing windows, furniture not falling apart, sheets that weren’t stained, light bulbs not burnt out, windows not broken, and the list could go on and on. $809 in Utah is a premium price, you’d expect it to come with premium service and amenities. This place offered nothing. There was a horrible restaurant on site, clearly they have good ideas with the restaurant, but in reality it failed to deliver. The food was ok, the service was ok, they had wine but no liquor options, and the service was ok. Again, not matching the expectations someone should have at a place such as this. If you need something you’re driving 20 minutes to US-89, if you want one other food option it’s 20 minutes, multiple options it’s 40 minutes. A place such as this should be aware of its shortcomings and find a way to overcome them; I would suggest expending a menu and hours, a full liquor license with room service, in room bar setup (mini bar?), grocery delivery, better necessities offerings at front desk, 24 hour emergency line, and again this list could go on and on. I forgot to add something, so forgive this tidbit seemingly out of order. The WiFi is horrible, we’re talking 2mbps horrible. Couple this with the fact most of the cabins do not get cell service (we had AT&T and Verizon devices) and it’s not a place for those who need to be in touch with patients, businesses, or anyone. Finally we were fortunate enough that our stay was over and we could flee this place as it’s time to check out. Upon walking in to return the key there were two employees at the front desk in an otherwise empty store/office. One lady was on the phone so I approached the other. “142 checking out” I said, and I kid you not below my sight line she had a plate of food and after taking a massive fork full off food said through the food, “I am not working, she will help you.” This is why most companies won’t let an employee eat food in uniform at a front desk, utterly shocked I tossed the keys on the counter and walked out vowing to never return. So in summary, if you want to be close to Zions back door entrance and are willing to pony up a hefty price for a bed to sleep in, then lower your expectations and stay here.

A big disappointment
User: Scott C from:
Published Date: Apr, 27, 2021
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2021
Rating: 3
To start with, we were flatly greeted at the front desk by a reception clerk sniffling coughing and NOT wearing a mask. That should have been enough to turn us back, but we encountered the same thing in the restaurant with the staff. I bring this up because we stayed three nights in Springdale at another hotel and the staff all wore masks, as well as the workers in the local restaurants and stores. Not sure why Zion Mountain Ranch has such loose COVID protocols, other than they take pride in it. The cabin we stayed in was cute and cozy, but could have been a lot better. The faux wood floors were a vinyl covering that buckled in areas, and we didn't see one bison while we were there, even though we had a place right on the meadow. We were looking forward to this aspect of the experience, and it really shouldn't be 'advertised' as a draw to the property. I can't say I'd recommend this place when there are other options nearby that are friendlier and more compliant with the current social contract. A few upgrades to the rooms would make a big difference as well, like real or parquet wooden floors. The vinyl floors cheapen it.

What a Special Place!
User: Joelmoths from: Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Apr, 17, 2021
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2021
Rating: 5
Book your trip here as soon as you can! Everything you could ever want to a trip to a Western Ranch! From the moment we arrived the people that helped us treated us like Family! We stayed in Cabin 176 which was just BEAUTIFUL! View from the deck looks right into Zion National Park! We took the two hour horseback trip into the backcountry, if there is Heaven on Earth that’s where u go to find it! I don’t want to go into anymore detail on that as I believe it is something u should experience but what I will say is the people who helped us Hallie and Cassie were just wonderful and the Horses were super gentle and it was the Horseback trip of a lifetime 😀 We rode till sunset which was just SPECTACULAR and then went down to their restaurant which is right on the Property (how nice is that?) Had a fantastic dinner! Staff again could not have been any better! Food was DELICIOUS! I hope you get the chance to visit there soon and you have the time of your life like we did!

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