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Lake McDonald Lodge
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating: 725 reviews
4-Plex Cabin Review
User: MiniCoopers1972 from: Walnut Creek, California
Trip Type: Solo travel
Published Date: Sep, 6, 2020
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2020
Rating: 3
Nice enough but my holy cow were the walls thin! I could hear the neighbors next to me and across from me talking all night long. There is a screen door that opens to the two main doors on either side. When people come and go you get two slams: one for the screen door and one for the room door. Just my 2 cents to warn everyone about the thin walls. Hopefully the lodge is quieter.

Cabins: set your expectations low
User: Jaime J from: Mukilteo, Washington
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Aug, 31, 2020
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2020
Rating: 3
The property is really beautiful and the layout of the cabins on the lake shore is dreamy. But do yourself a favor and have realistic expectations for the cabins themselves. Honestly I was really disappointed. We stayed in a "Large Cabin Suite" but it definitely wasn't large. Cabin 13 is a cabin chopped into 3 separate cabins, 2 on the lake side and one on the parking lot side. Ours was a single room with a queen bed and a sofa sleeper. With 4 people, it was very crowded. The bathroom sink was actually in the bedroom area at the foot of the queen bed. The toilet and shower were in a separate actual bathroom. The shower was tiny and reminded me of showering in a 1970s mobile home or maybe even a campground shower. Once I got past the initial disappointment of the cabin, we walked down the bank to the lake and began to appreciate this place for what it is. The setting is storybook perfect. You're paying to stay in a national park and to be steps from Lake McDonald. We had a really relaxing time swimming in the lake, skipping rocks, watching the sunset. The campground store was open 8-8 and you can get anything you need there. Russel's was open for takeout: burgers, chicken strips, drinks. We ordered dinner and ate at a picnic table outside our cabin. Would I stay here again? was nice to stay in the park and the beautiful property totally makes up for what the cabins are lacking. I will say the cabins definitely need updating though!

Lake McDonald Cabins at Glacier National Park
User: CraigH08 from: Cincinnati, Ohio
Published Date: Aug, 30, 2020
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2020
Rating: 5
Stayed 2 nights August 2020. The Cabins were clean. Carpet instead of wood floors was surprising. Spacious bathroom. Five pillows per bed. Fan to help cool down the room in the evening worked great. GREAT location inside of park. Nice sunsets on Lake McDonald. I stayed on the parking lot side (cheaper) and didn't bother me a bit. Very well kept exterior, with paths, nice landscaping and flowers. Just a minute walk to the Camp Store, or Russell's on the Run Restaurant. Was a little pricey for a cabin, but paying for being in the park and on the lake.

Very disappointing
User: dnolt from: Bonita Springs, Florida
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Aug, 30, 2020
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2020
Rating: 1
First of all, the lodge is a beautiful and historic place and the setting is spectacular. The staff and the decisions on how they are managing during this difficult time of Covid were the “very disappointing” aspect. We stayed here for convenience of location and agreed that it would be worth the premium price. Upon arrival, we learned that basically everything was shut down except a walk up window with very basic food (tired burgers and club sandwiches). The restaurants 15 mins away in west glacier and apgar were open? The staff (not all, but mostly including front desk) had a “your just lucky we’re open” attitude. They were hyper sensitive about Covid (understand) but then while sitting out on the porch of adjoining company store we here the employees gathering and talking about the party the night before as well as the party for the upcoming night as a period theme party ( one girl dressed in 60’s garb). No WiFi to speak of (claim they have in main lobby but no one could get it to work) which is not the end all except there is no cel coverage either. Don’t expect anyone can get ahold of you in the event of emergencies. The mornings found us all standing in line for coffee in Dixie cups served by gloves employees. The second morning (after the previous nights period party) found a single employee scrambling while another ran in apologizing and Cleary disheveled from the previous night. Covid has created a new reality for us all, but couldn’t help feel like it was the excuse for this incredibly poorly run and managed facility. Do yourself a favor and stay in west glacier and save some money and aggravation!

Could be so much better
User: redstonefan from: Golden, Colorado
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Aug, 29, 2020
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2020
Rating: 2
We were so looking forward to our stay at this iconic hotel. However the ways in which we were disappointed were many. The midnight wake up call by the mouse scratching in the walls and then coming out and eating some of our huckleberry bear claw was really terrific. Not having the restaurants open for sit down dinner took away from the experience of being able to enjoy the main lodge. Other nice restaurants in the area we’re open for sit down dinner so not sure why that couldn’t occur at the lodge? The overall grounds are tired and in need of refresh. We specifically stayed at the lodge so that we might be able to get on the hiking trails a bit earlier. However the restaurant didn’t open for take out breakfast until 7:00. By the time we could wait in line for the food and then jump in the car and race up to the top of Logan pass, all the parking spaces were filled. Even the morning coffee in the lobby had these tiny cups and no creamers or sugar other than those cheap plastic packets you might see at a motel 6. Latte, or other espresso drinks, are you kidding, not at this place. I love historic hotels and I’m willing to accept some level of funkiness that comes along with them. However this place was disappointing. When you pay $500 a night you have a certain expectation level for service, quality and overall experience. This was not up to par on many fronts.

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