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The Ranch At Death Valley
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A little gem!
User: 514kylies from: Chichester, United Kingdom
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Sep, 25, 2022
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2022
Rating: 5
This place is a gem! It’s right in Death Valley (with a petrol station just up the road for those panicking). Rooms were basic but nice but the bar area is incredible! It’s like being back in a western movie. Food was delicious to, we had the buffet which was great value and included unlimited drinks! Staff were friendly and helpful. A great stop over!

Nice hotel but the breakfast and pool could use a serious upgrade
User: 779ck from: Hazerswoude Dorp, The Netherlands
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Sep, 16, 2022
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2022
Rating: 3
We stayed at the hotel from august 25 to 26. Due to flash floods the hotel lost 4 buildings and had to move us to a cottage and my brother and his girlfriend to another hotel. We would have liked it better if we could all have stayed together at the Ranch. The cottage was nice though. The pool itself is nice but the pool area looks a bit unkempt and the deck chairs should be replaced. They look tatty. We had dinner at the restaurant which was good and unfortunately had to take the breakfast because there was no other option. The breakfast was bad. Only the scrambled eggs and the hash browns looked okay but it was all cold and tasted bad. The breakfast cost 17 dollar per person which is way too much for how bad the food is. This is unfortunate since the rest of the hotel is pretty nice.

An Honest Review
User: Jopat111 from: Penketh, United Kingdom
Trip Type: Friends getaway
Published Date: Aug, 29, 2022
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2022
Rating: 4
Before judging and nit picking it’s important to remember where this hotel is- in the middle of the hottest desert in the world. Coming to Death Valley is the experience. The hotel is pretty much in the middle of no where, it is quite old but it has been refurbed and overall is well maintained. It does have a Ranch feel. Our room was in block 900 at the back of the site facing the golf course. It had 2 comfortable queen size beds and a powerful shower. The room was immaculate though don’t expect it to be filled with luxuries. The air con worked well, it was 47 degrees outside so it had its work cut out but it managed it well, admittedly it was quite noisy so if you are a light sleeper bring ear plugs. Swimming pool was very refreshing after a long drive in the heat, it’s not a luxury Vegas style pool - it’s a reasonable size basic pool in the desert that does the job well. General Store is very well stocked with both food and gifts- remember you are in the middle of no where. There are two restaurant choices, we opted for the buffet as it’s cheaper - $31- the staff member advised us to check we were happy with the offering before committing. It’s not luxury food but there was plenty of choice and you could have as much as you wished. Salad bar was good, pizza was tasty, there was also pasta, fries, hot dogs etc. add to that soft drinks were included in the price. It does what it needs too. If you are looking for top quality food and wide choice then maybe a trip into the desert is not for you. Saloon bar was nice, we also went to the ice cream parlour which was good and a fair price- they also do burgers etc at about $20 so maybe a good option for families though they close at 7. All the staff we met were friendly and welcoming. Highlight for us was sitting on the patio after dark and star gazing, a truly unique experience which makes up for the lack of glamour and chinz. I have no problem recommending as a stop off on your road trip, it’s clean, comfortable and friendly but remember where you are and the challenges that being in the middle of no where brings.

Had a medical incident: Hotel did not seem to care. Location is nice, and that's sort of it.
User: JHilYeg from: Edmonton, Canada
Trip Type: Solo travel
Published Date: Aug, 26, 2022
Travel Date: May, 1, 2022
Rating: 1
I don't like leaving negative reviews, as things can happen. But I experienced heat stroke in death valley, and my experience at this 'resort' left me with a sour taste that still lingers months later. The hotel is in a beautiful spot, but the rooms themselves are straight from 1993 with seemingly bare minimum maintenance performed on them since. Bathroom was barely functional (toilet was wobbly, had trouble flushing, shower was old/weak), doors are thin, everything interior at the property needs a refresh. The exterior grounds are quite nice and picturesque. The staff? Majority at best seem disinterested in you or your experience. All things I can glance over provided I wasn't experiencing a medical incident that made me reliant on the Hotel. Medical incident: I suffered heat stroke while out, and needed medical attention. At the advice of paramedics at the nearby visitor center they advised I spend rest of day in Hotel room recovering, and to have hotel staff check on me in a few hours to ensure I was recovering alright, get room service etc. Upon dragging myself to the hotel room I asked the house keeping staff in the hallway if they could have staff check on me; I got told talk to front desk. I got to my room, and called front desk and asked if someone could check on me in 2-3 hours. The older lady on the phone agreed. Then the Wifi went down for the day. I laid on bed in dark room with barely functioning AC trying to gather strength to do anything (while calling family to let them know what happened.) After 2 hours I called the front desk to ask if someone could deliver food to my room to help with the recovery, as I was still too weak to leave room in the heat. Got told NO, they do NOT do room service under ANY circumstances. I tried explaining my medical situation, but got told no again with a huge amount of indifference. I then asked if the person they were sending to check on me in an hour could possibly bring food with them? Like even a banana? No. In fact they weren't sending anyone. They had no record of this request (even though I was sure it was the same lady.) Front Desk then said they could have fire department do a wellness check. I declined as I was frustrated just needing some food to recover. Only to be greeted by EMS pounding on my door 10 minutes later (they didn't have food either.) Sun finally began to set so I dragged myself out to gift shop/market to get stuff like bananas. I contemplated somehow packing my stuff and leaving the resort that night, but I was still very fatigued doing anything (and was worried I'd forget some of my stuff). I felt strong enough to walk a bit, and I ended up ordering food from stove pipe wells (as I refused to spend $50 on a steak in this place.) , and managed to drive 15 mins to stovepipe. It took all my energy to walk from car to restaurant for take out. Even in the 10 minutes at stove pipe restaurant, the experience from the staff there was completely different: warm, caring and supportive. They saw i looked distressed and asked if I was okay. Complete opposite of the Ranch. Wifi came back on 10 hours later at 11:00pm. In fact the only time staff at ranch seemed interested in my presence was next morning when they sent a staff to pound on everyone's door at 10:00am to ensure we knew to leave by 11:00am. I overheard more than one room ask why this was necessary. Checking out the the front desk the young female staff didn't bother asking about my stay and preferred to continue chatting with another regular in from Colorado while she took my room key, barely acknowledging I was there. Heat stroke itself was miserable enough to experience, but the hotel's absolute indifference to my well being was the most infuriating part. None of the staff cared at all. You were there, and that was it. I would've written this review sooner, but I wanted to take time to recover & process. Months later upon reflection I'm still soured by the experience at this 'resort'. I can excuse the poor room shape, and many other things. But the indifference of the staff speaks volumes. I don't know why they're that way, but I do know that if i'm ever in the region again I'll be staying elsewhere.

Warm and welcoming
User: Joyce261 from: Sapporo, Japan
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Aug, 13, 2022
Travel Date: Jul, 1, 2022
Rating: 4
Well set out hotel styled as a ranch. Warm welcome at reception and staff really helpful. Loved the ice cream parlour and was spoilt for choice by the different flavours. Our room was in block towards the back of the site, close to the pool which was really inviting. Big enough for a large number of guests but still plenty of space for a swim and a splash. We ate in the buffet restaurant and felt we had a wide choice of menu, food was appetising and freshly topped up. Liked the museum area and saw a great sunset later in the evening. Our room was on the ground floor so we were able to sit outside which was enjoyable. Unfortunately we were next to a Family and we had inter- connecting doors although there was no access to each other’s rooms. I say unfortunate as the children took great pleasure in opening and slamming the doors at 5.00 am prior to their early start and the parents whilst chastising them, did so in loud voices. This was obviously an alarm call to the family above us who also decided to get up and could easily be mistaken for a herd of animals circling a water hole. That coupled with a noisy ac coming on and off during the night did not mirror the comfortable bed and soft pillows and good night sleep we were anticipating. Not the hotel’s fault but perhaps a few courtesy notices displayed in hallways in various languages would go a long way. On checking out we raised these problems with the reception staff who facilitated the opportunity to speak to the manager. We felt genuinely valued as customers and our feedback was welcomed. We were sorry to see the impact of the flash floods and wish Joe and his team well and hope they will soon be back to business as usual.

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