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The Ranch At Death Valley
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Nice location and service
User: CAA929 from: Greenfield, Wisconsin
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: May, 27, 2023
Travel Date: May, 1, 2023
Rating: 4
Outstanding service, allowed early check-in, and when traveling through the desert, it was welcomed! The room is older but very clean. Beds are so comfortable that I slept all night without pain or moving (which is rare for me). The only negative is we were in the first room, and the entry door to the building wasn't working right, and the door knocked each time someone entered. Slept with earplugs, though, so it only bothered us before bed. Highly recommend.

Drive on. Do not stay.
User: P M from: Parker, Colorado
Published Date: May, 22, 2023
Travel Date: May, 1, 2023
Rating: 3
I like to write positive reviews but in this case I cannot. The photos on their website represent what this place could be but definitely not what it is. Let me start with the positives. Upon pulling up, it appears to be an oasis in this dry, hot, barren desert. The grounds are taken care of with green grass, palm trees, manicured sidewalks, Etc. Even the lobby is decent with friendly staff. But that's where it all stops. The door to our building was propped open by a rock and then we found it wouldn't close even after we moved it. Right inside the door was a vending area where someone had left trash that was attracting flys. We stayed two nights and the trash was there our entire stay. The vending area was filthy and there was a sign on the ice machine that said it was broken and we'd have to obtain ice in another building. By the way, the door on the opposite end of the building was also faulty and the hallway was warm with insects and other pests free to come and go as they please. We spent the first ten minutes in our room trying to "remove" all the flys but found it fruitless as there was an open space nearly an inch between our door and the floor allowing free entry of these pests. I opened up the curtains to only find more flys and windows that appear not to have been washed in quite sometime. The bathroom vanity light had a bulb burned out and the sink was cracked. My wife found hairs in the shower. We stayed two nights (regretably) and my wife needed a blow dryer as there wasn't one in the room. I called the front desk and they said they'd have one delivered. We stopped at the front desk the next day to ask for one and was again told they'd have one delivered. On the morning of departure, the room next to ours was being cleaned (ha) so I asked if a blow dryer could be brought to us asap. She said to contact the front desk. Three strikes; guess we werenot meant to have a blow dryer. Also had to call the front desk the first night because the tv didn't work. Maintenance stopped by in about 10 minutes and "resolved" the issue. I later found the remote to be finicky and got it to work occasionally. Don't even get me started on the price gouging. I understand costs are higher due to location but there is no relief. Prices are ridiculous! $27 for a very small souvenir cribbage board, $10 for an "ice cream truck" novelty, Etc. In fact, we drove 24 miles north to eat at a pub in Stovepipe because the reviews on the in-house restaurants were so terrible, and prices were so high. We ended up having a great meal for less than 1/2 the price by taking the time to go to Stovepipe. The pool area was O.K. but in need of maintenance. Vending machine at he pool did not work. The Ranch and the sister property, The Inn, are the only game in town for lodging. What gets me is that the advertisements make this place look like a destination. I would only stay here again out of desperation. Continue on out of Death Valley for lodging if you can. Very disappointed.

Adequate at best
User: davemoose from: Davisburg, Michigan
Published Date: May, 12, 2023
Travel Date: May, 1, 2023
Rating: 3
will start with the good. Check-in was quick and easy and the host was very friendly and knowledgable. In the restaurant the vegetables and fruit were very fresh. The food was seasoned ok. The pool is big and comfortable for many people. The store is well stocked. The overall location of the ranch is very nice to keep your drive to just about anywhere in the park at under an hour. The ice cream shop was delicious. On the other side. The buildings are dated. Both doors at the end of the 700 building we were in had broken hinges, broken glass and would not shut. The pool was dirty and apparently not cleaned in weeks. The water was clear though. Tiles were missing and falling off the poolside walls. The bathrooms and shower building was in disrepair. Absolutely not like the internet pictures. The buffet is expensive. I watched a family of 5 depate on driving 45 minutes out of the park to eat breakfast as they were looking at over $120 for a quick breakfast before hiking. We got the dinner buffet for 2 and one beer each. Over $90. The food should have been chef prepared and seasoned properly at that price. Everything in the souvenier shop was expensive and could be found cheaper in Stove Pipe Wells. All in all the rooms we had were more of a motel room. Rooms only get cleaned after you leave, not while you are there. So if you need more coffee packets or towels you need to track them down. If you need you garbage emptied, the same. I rated the location, ice cream, vegetables and fruit, a 5 and the rest, 3 or less. Xanterra apparently runs this. From other parks visited, I see the same thing happen with them. They take over, investment in the property is cut and traded for profit. Big shame

Loved this place
User: molly75 from: lincolnshire
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: May, 9, 2023
Travel Date: May, 1, 2023
Rating: 5
I stayed at this hotel whilst travelling across Death Valley. I had no idea where we would be staying because my son booked it. After driving forever through emptiness we suddenly arrived at The Ranch, it was like a mirage in the desert. CHECK iN - check in was fast & staff were friendly. We were given a map to our room & found it easily. ROOM- our room was lovely. It had two queen beds in it, large tv, tea/coffee machine, fridge, air conditioning & a nice bathroom with toiletries. The beds were comfy, the room was quiet & we had a little patio with rocking chairs on it. I loved our room! FOOD- there was a buffet restaurant and also another restaurant. We used the buffet & it was around $35 for dinner & $23 for breakfast. I’m vegetarian and at both meals there was plenty for me to eat. Vegan chilli, salads, chips, cheese, eggs, lots of really lovely fruit, yoghurts & desserts. Drinks were also included, hot and cold. It wasn’t the lost varied buffet & it sometimes took some time to refill food, but I quite liked it. FACILITIES- there was a shop on site that was a little expensive, but it is in the middle of the desert. It sold food and souvenirs. There was also a pub with outside area, a horse ranch with rides & a swimming pool. The pool has water from a hot spring & it was lovely there. Plenty of sunbeds & a nice area with free towels. OVERALL- I loved this place, it was unique. I’ve been travelling across the USA staying in all sorts of places & this was my favourite. It’s a little haven in the middle of a harsh desert. Lovely rooms, friendly staff & a great pool. I’d definitely stay here again, I can’t fault it.

User: Fromcarterlake from:
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Apr, 24, 2023
Travel Date: Mar, 1, 2023
Rating: 1
We stayed here for two days in March. They had had a water pipe break and the tap water was not drinkable. They never bothered to tell us when we checked in (a line with 26 people in front of me). They never provided us with any bottled water. We only heard about it when we were in the gift shop. I don’t like to give bad reviews without giving places an opportunity to make it up. I emailed them and never heard back.

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