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Zion National Park Lodge
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Lovely experience
User: AusTravellerKG from: London, United Kingdom
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Jan, 23, 2022
Travel Date: Jan, 1, 2022
Rating: 4
We had a lovely stay at Zion Lodge (operated by Xanterra) and i can not emphasise enough how lovely the staff were - this in a very sharp contrast to El Tovar at the Grand Canyon (also operated by Xanterra). The King rooms are comfortable and warm and sizeable enough. Sadly the restaurant wasn’t in full service (but it is winter) but the staff were very helpful. They went the extra length to find me tea (a very English thing).

Zion Lodge Cabins offer a great fall retreat in a jewel like setting.
User: Kathy Z from:
Published Date: Jan, 1, 2022
Travel Date: Nov, 1, 2021
Rating: 5
We love visiting Zion in the Fall, and we were able to stay in one of their cabins coinciding with a watercolor workshop being offered in Springdale. My favorite walk behind the lodge was filled trees dressed in their brilliant fall foliage and full of wildlife including a majestic, solitary stag and wild turkeys. The cabins are rustic but comfy and cosy and you can never beat staying in the heart of beautiful Zion Park.

Charming rooms, breathtaking views, HORRIBLE food.
User: brandiceewilson from: Los Angeles, California
Trip Type: Friends getaway
Published Date: Dec, 31, 2021
Travel Date: Nov, 1, 2021
Rating: 3
Cute, well-kept cabins and lodge hotel rooms in the heart of breathtaking Zion National Park. Extremely convenient location for hiking the main western locations within the park. Wildlife will literally be outside your doorstep (wild turkey, deer, etc.). However it’s NOT convenient to food. The lodge food is terrible and overpriced, so you’ll likely be driving to Springdale nightly for dinner—and you’ll have to drive because the tram doesn’t operate past dark. Next time I visit Zion, I’ll be 50/50 on if it’s best to stay in the park or in Springdale. As for the rooms, I stayed in both the cabins and the lodge proper. The lodge is newer with more modern conveniences like a TV, but the cabins have more charm. I thoroughly enjoyed both and would stay again in either. The only downside is the lack of decent food, which affects the otherwise stellar location.

Can't beat the location
User: vatravelingbug from: Arlington, Virginia
Published Date: Dec, 28, 2021
Travel Date: Dec, 1, 2021
Rating: 4
Waking up in the middle of Zion Canyon is a treat; even better if it's in a cozy cabin with a gas fireplace that's keeping you warm and snug. We have stayed at many park lodges and this has been my best experience. We loved our cabin (it was one of the farthest from lodge) even though it was a shared building with other "cabins" attached. Unlike some other park cabins where you could hear everything from the next room, this accommodation was pretty quiet. It also helped that we were there in early December, at the low season with few crowds. Unlike other reviewers, we found our room clean and mouse free. We liked the coffee machine and microwave set up in the little closet/vanity sink and enjoyed the toasty gas fireplace as well. Lighting could have been better but hey, it's a national-park accommodation. Best part was being in the park late at night and early in the morning--and being able to drive on the Valley Floor Rd. even when the park service had closed it mid Saturday afternoon because it was already too crowded. Bigggest downside was the food. The only option (without driving outside the park) was the Lodge's restaurant. Thanks to covid, you had to order at the entrance to the restaurant for lunch and dinner and the food would be brought to you (often before you had time to climb the stairs and find a table). Food was passable, not great. Breakfast was a buffet. The staff was friendly; too bad the restaurant made it difficult to tip them. One suggestion is to bring food in a cooler (we did that for lunches) and if you live close enough, maybe a portable grill so you can make your own tasty meal at your cabin (if you're lucky to get one).

Stunning location but the hairballs and the filthy toilet were just not on!
User: BuccaneerDave from: Nanaimo, Canada
Published Date: Dec, 7, 2021
Travel Date: Nov, 1, 2021
Rating: 2
Can you beat the location. No way. We loved that part of our stay. But does the location alone make up for the accommodation. Nope. After 25 years of being in the hotel industry I can honestly say that this was one of the dirtiest rooms/cabins I have stayed in. First off the cabins aren't cabins in the true sense. They are duplexes or 4 plexes with the noise that comes with adjoining walls. That was a little disappointing. When we went in the cabin our first impression was how cute it was. But as is our nature we started looking around at how things were set up and how clean it was. The toilet had feces in it. Gross. The edges of the cabin had dust, mice poo and lots of hair balls around the edges. Everywhere was dusty. Under the bed was filthy and there was paper and bits of detritus. Things just weren't clean at all. We called the front desk and requested a different room. The clerk assured this that this was a one off and not the norm. Moved to a second cabin. Not as bad but nearly as dirty. We gave up. Cleaned up what we could and decided to enjoy the great location and not worry about things. Have wanted to stay in a national park lodge since I was a child and this was not what I had what I had long thought the experience would be. Sure the staff were nice. The food at the cafeteria was better than expected. The ability to drive in and park at the lodge is a privelege that makes the whole experience much better. But this is a hotel. There is a pact between the guest and the hotel. One part of it is that you get a clean room. The level of cleanliness indicated that this is process of long term neglect. That dust and dirt just doesn't build up overnight. It is an accummulation. Sure there is a staff shortage in North America. Covid has a had an effect on how businesses run. But the room cleanliness at this property is a longer problem IMHO. Would I stay there again. Probably not. Was it a great experience save for the room, yes. But not enough to make it worth doing again. Too bad. Wanted it to be a memorable experience for which it was but for the wrong reasons.

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