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The Lodge at Bryce Canyon
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User: Debra C from:
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: May, 10, 2024
Travel Date: May, 1, 2024
Rating: 3
As many state, location is key here and hence I gave the lodge 3 instead of 2 stars. We thought we were going to be in the main lodge but ended up in the Sunrise Motel, a short distance from the lodge. The room was dark with poor lighting, and virtually no outlets. The shower temperature the first night was far from warm but the second night was better. On the plus side, the bed was very comfortable and the room appeared clean, however hard to truly tell since the lighting was so poor. Despite all this, we were steps away from the rim of the canyon which provided a 5 star experience. The location was A+ and because of that if you don’t mind spending close to $300/night for an adequate room, I would recommend the Lodge.

Basic Accommodation but It's All About the Location, Steps from The Rim of Bryce Canyon
User: TravelingSoccerLoon from: Saint Paul, Minnesota
Published Date: Apr, 29, 2024
Travel Date: Jun, 1, 2023
Rating: 5
The rooms are pretty basic but comfortable and if the lodge was located anywhere else, it would be difficult to give it a high rating. I stayed in one of the Sunset Lodge rooms. No TV, no Wi-Fi and no AC. However, staying here is all about the history and the location. The accommodations have to be somewhat rustic to blend in with the natural setting. Built in the 1920s, it is the only lodging option in the park. Entering the main lodge building feels like it belongs to another time. You are just steps away from the rim of the canyon and staying here adds to the magic of visiting Bryce Canyon. It allows you to easily be at one of the nearby observation points just before sunrise or stay until sunset and also enjoy some amazing stargazing at night. There is a dining room at the main lodge serving good quality food. For me the only negatives are the price and the difficulty of securing a reservation which needs to be made months in advance.

Spectacular sunset views of Bryce Canyon
User: aukahkay62 from: Singapore, Singapore
Trip Type: Friends getaway
Published Date: Apr, 25, 2024
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2024
Rating: 5
The Lodge at Bryce Canyon is located right within the park at the rim of the canyon. The main lodge building consists of 2 levels in typical country lodge style. Facilities are basic and there is no TV in the room. Why would you need one when you are surrounded by nature? The lodge is an easy 45 minute walk from Inspiration Point or 90 minute walk from Bryce Point, making the lodge an excellent base for hikes around the rim of the canyon. Sunset from the lodge overlooking the canyon is spectacular.

Location Is Impossible to Beat
User: GeorgiaJaneite from: Georgia
Published Date: Apr, 24, 2024
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2024
Rating: 5
I'm surprised there are so many negative reviews here whereas we LOVED the Lodge at Bryce Canyon. I have stayed at several hotels inside western national parks (Sequoia, Grand Canyon), and I have been very pleased with each. Perhaps I am just so glad to be in the park itself that I overlook things that may bother others, but I sincerely loved the Lodge and have very little that's critical to say about it. We didn't plan our trip until a couple of months before we left, and accommodations inside a park are often hard to get. I wasn't able to reserve at the lodge in Zion National Park, so I was thrilled to get two nights at Bryce. First I must say that, of the five national parks in Utah, both my husband and I liked Bryce the most. There was just something about the peaceful pine forest and beautiful vistas that appealed to us, so to be able to spend all of our time in the park itself and not have to leave at all was a plus. When we first drove up, we instantly loved the architecture of the Lodge. Our check-in was a bit slow but nothing too extreme. Sometimes when traveling, we must be patient, and a little bit of kindness never hurt anyone. One of the staff members checking in guests seemed new and unfamiliar with the computer system, so he kept having to get help from the only other staff member at the desk. She had her hands full with a large party that didn't speak the best English, so the two of them were doing their best. Check-in was seamless if slow, and we were glad to get to our room after a long day of driving right in the middle of a two week road trip. The room itself was very large, furnished in rustic style, and reminded us of the Lodge at Sequoia National Park. The bathroom had a heat lamp, which was great as it was really cold (lows in the teens at night) while we were there. The bed was comfy as was the furniture, and the room had all the amenities we needed (fridge, microwave, coffee pot, hair dryer, etc.) There were only two minor issues with the room. The first was the sink drain was a bit slow. The other was that our porch had a pile of snow over three feet high on it, so it was completely unusable. The roof of the building slopes in a few areas for snow to fall off, but it falls right onto the porches of two of the rooms on each side of the building, and ours was one. Now, it was so cold while we were there I doubt we would have used it, so I didn't fret. But I was a bit disappointed that we didn't end up in one of the rooms with snow-free porches. We stayed two nights, enjoyed the restaurant for two meals, and picked up food in the general store for breakfast that we ate in the room (pastries, milk, instant oatmeal). We really liked that there is a multi-use path in the park that allows you to walk (or bike) around the rim of the canyon and goes to all of the buildings as well. It was a convenient walk to the restaurant, gift shop, and the canyon itself. As I said before, Bryce Canyon was our favorite place on a two week trip out west where we visited a total of six national parks, and we were truly sad to leave. The hotel was clean, comfortable, quiet, and had a location that was impossible to beat. If we ever get the opportunity, we would want to stay here again, and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Bryce Canyon.

Definitely a thumbs up!
User: M H from: New York
Published Date: Apr, 22, 2024
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2024
Rating: 4
While it may not be The Ritz, the Lodge at Bryce is clean, adequate in size, cozy and you cannot beat the location. To stay outside of the park would seem to me to be an unnecessary inconvenience. Staff was very nice. Note that reservations should be made months in advance. We booked in Jan for mid-April dates and the pickings were slim. In fact, when I looked online, I was unable to get 2 nites in a row. I finally telephoned them directly and they were able to accommodate me but I did not have many choices.

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