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Yavapai Lodge
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Booking a Reservation
User: 534MarkB from: Gainesville, Georgia
Published Date: Dec, 6, 2019
Travel Date: Dec, 1, 2019
Rating: 1
Be aware, that there appears to be numerous ways to book a reservation at Yavapai Lodge, which I have learned after the fact. Upon googling, I ended up booking through National Park Reservations. Apparently, this is NOT the only way to book the reservation. I originally booked one room for our family and decided a month later to add a room and change our original reservation of 4 to two different rooms. I was told by the reservation customer rep that I would get credited for the additionally charge of 2 extra people on the first reservation, since I was just moving them to an additional booked room. Credit didn't come and this company charges a 10% booking fee on top of the lodging charge. Do your research when booking and I suggest trying to figure out how to book direct. Looking forward to staying at Yavapai and seeing the GC. I'll report later on the actual stay.

Saved our trip
User: calebm360 from: Clearwater, Florida
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Dec, 1, 2019
Travel Date: Nov, 1, 2019
Rating: 5
Just wanted to thank the front desk and staff for their hospitality. After our rv rental fell through and we were delayed by a snow storm, they were very helpful to accommodate us and our pups last minute. Staff was friendly and polite. Thank you so much for helping us rearrange our stay without a big fuss - it saved our trip.

Strict cancellation policy even during snowstorm.
User: rajanverma99 from:
Published Date: Dec, 1, 2019
Travel Date: Nov, 1, 2019
Rating: 1
I had booked the hotel via for 29 Nov 2019 - 1 Dec 2019. There was a snow storm owing to which I had to cancel the visit. I asked for a separate date for visit (modify the dates) but hotel staff said strict hotel policyanf 51% would be deducted any how on changing or cancellation. Eventually due to bad weather I couldn't go there and 51% was deducted. I would never book such a hotel with such pathetic cancellation policy again.

Yavapai EAST
User: SL S from:
Published Date: Nov, 29, 2019
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2019
Rating: 4
If you are at the Grand Canyon to hike, explore, shower, and eat, stay here! Save yourself 30+ minutes of commute and gate time each way. Great access to the shuttles. WAY less crowded than Canyon Village. And way way fewer annoying rich people instagramming their food (they are over at El Tovar). If you want lots of crowded food choices and fast internet, stay in Tusayan and deal with the drive. Clientele in October was primarily older, some Europeans,everyone seemed way more interested in the canyon and exploring than in showing off. Not many tour buses, and parking was easy. So go in October :-) Rooms in EAST (6 small 2 story buildings) are CLEAN. They have AC, but we used the heat. Not big, haha. NO CONNECTIVITY IN THE ROOMS. Bring a book, and get some sleep. If you are willing to forego maid service you get a couple reusable water bottles. WiFi is sort of available in the dining hall but it's low bandwidth microwave and it gets totally swamped in the evening. Your AT&T phone WILL NOT WORK here. We got a Verizon Tracfone for this trip and it had better, but not great, connectivity. I don't think we could have used it as a hotspot. Food was decent. It's a dining hall, like your college dorm. The big combo meals are total overkill unless you want to share. Go with the a la carte selections. Or get a pizza. Lots of gluten free and vegetarian options, too. The coffee, however, is awful. Want something else. Props to the dining managers, too. They were really friendly, accessible, and wanted to help. Access to the shuttle bus lines is excellent. Use the buses. And chat up the driver, you'll get cool info in return. The dining hall area also has a small pub, a surprisingly large grocery store, and a post office.

Bed bugs!
User: BTEW from:
Published Date: Nov, 28, 2019
Travel Date: Nov, 1, 2019
Rating: 1
We investigated our room upon arrival, and found classic bed bug signs. While the hotel did ultimately move our room, they still declined to admit the problem, and it’s probable that room went right back into circulation.

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