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El Tovar Hotel
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Checkin Process needs to be changed
User: Happiness686742 from:
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Jan, 17, 2020
Travel Date: Jan, 1, 2020
Rating: 2
We arrived at the Grand Canyon around 2 in the afternoon. Knowing that checkin time wasn’t until 4 we went to the desk to ask if we could possibly check in earlier. Our daughter was not doing well and wanted to rest. They said they would try their best. It was very cold in the lobby and we huddled around the fireplace. Every half hour we would check to see if the room was ready, always getting the same response Then we noticed that family and couple after couple were checking in and going right to their room. I asked why they were getting rooms when we were sitting and waiting for 3 hours! The response I git was that when we checked in early they assigned us rooms and we had to wait until those two rooms were ready! I was flabbergasted. I pushed back in that and again said we had a daughter not feeling well and also had dinner reservations at 6. We finally got our rooms (they actually called my phone while I was standing right there) at 5:30. This process needs to be changed. We travel a lot and have never seen anything like it. The rooms were not so great either. Couldn’t warm up! I would not recommend staying there. On another note the dining room is wonderful. Great food and service. So eat there but sleep elsewhere! Sandy

Appalling experience
User: eurydice2017 from: London, United Kingdom
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Jan, 15, 2020
Travel Date: Dec, 1, 2019
Rating: 1
This was the worst value for money of my entire life, in fact I would not stay here again if they paid me! Here are the main reasons for my rating: It all started at check in with Bianca, the receptionist, who could not have been more unhelpful and dismissive, almost openly rude which was not an ideal start. WiFi only “works” in the lobby, not that anybody bothered to mention it to us. Poorly decorated room, furniture in bad condition, torn curtains, big TV with poor quality image, paper thin walls, extremely uncomfortable bed (my body “fell” into the exact place countless other people’s bottoms and feet have laid before me) Old fashioned bathroom, nowhere to place any personal items in the sink area, no cups to hold tooth brush Heating fan in the bedroom furiously blew hot air and was extremely noisy, we asked to have it adjusted and somebody came but was unable to help as she pointed out there is no way of lowering the fan, one can only regulate temperature, no way to reduce the noise either. She further explained the same system applies to all bedrooms ... a small portable heater was brought in and it worked for about 5 min only to stop altogether after that. I went back to reception, explained the whole situation to Bianca, including the fact all rooms apparently share the same heating system and she offered to move us to another room and “would I inspect it first to make sure I was pleased with the heating » ? Upon inspection, I wasn’t surprised the heating situation was exactly the same but was shocked to realise this was a smaller, even more horrendous bedroom ! It is the very first time in my life that, after a genuine complaint, I am being shamelessly downgraded! To settle the matter I ended up requesting extra duvets ... but to add insult to injury they brought one duvet with no cover and two bad quality thin moth eaten blankets, one of them also sporting a big tear (photo included)... The hotel belongs to National Parks and is managed by a private company who I was told cannot upgrade the hotel without their permission. That being the case or not, the fact remains the standards are terrible and the price is astronomical. I appreciate location is excellent therefore tourists keep pouring in but that is no excuse to provide such appalling premises and services. I reported all this to the manager who kindly listened and offered a price reduction. I just wish she had the power to close the hotel down and properly refurbish it, that is what is needed! My advice to others? Run for the hills !

Heavenly Meal at a Equally Spectacular Location!
User: Shana N from:
Published Date: Jan, 14, 2020
Travel Date: Dec, 1, 2019
Rating: 5
Wow, what an amazing experience! We went to El Tovar at the end of a ridgeway walk along the snow dusted paths of the Grand Canyon, South Ridge. Visiting in December is a must, to see these incredible views of Red rock fissures as far as the eye can see, cutting their way through the landscape, surrounded by crisp snow and sunshine, well - nothing could top it!! And then, to round off the walk with a delicious and hearty meal at El Tovar, seated at a prime position to be able to drink in the view whilst eating delights, was a perfect end to that expedition! The food was very tasty, the staff were very friendly and obliging and the ambience was fabulously dark, with thick, tree-trunks transformed into trusses and beams - then the patches of bright vistas filled with an incredible landscapes - I just had to draw it! So, I thought that I will attach it to the article - as a refreshing view for you all to experience. In retrospect we would have dearly loved to stay there too and I would urge people to look at it above and beyond the other hotels in Tusayon - the location alone is worth it!

Elegant old hotel
User: David S from: Piedmont, South Dakota
Published Date: Jan, 14, 2020
Travel Date: Dec, 1, 2019
Rating: 4
This is a five star experience if your expectations are set with the realization that this is an old hotel with no elevator and a few other minor inconveniences. The location and view of the Canyon (from the Presidential suite) cannot be beat. A bit pricey - but I don't blame them as this is a very desirable location with few lodging options. Rooms and bedding were comfortable. Bathroom was spacious and adequate. Huge patio overlooking the canyon - but in December had 6" of fresh snow so we limited our time outdoors. Up six flights of stairs with luggage was a bit of a pain.

Elegant but not convenient
User: LanceWilcox from: Lombard, Illinois
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Jan, 12, 2020
Travel Date: Jan, 1, 2020
Rating: 4
First things first: January is absolutely the right time to visit the Grand Canyon. No lines, no reservations needed anywhere, and you can have whole stretches of the Rim Trail to yourself. As to El Tovar, it’s a pleasure to stay at, though it isn’t as easy and convenient as even a cheap modern hotel. The rooms are very small, there are no elevators, and they almost beg you not to take a shower while you’re there. (Another reason to visit in winter.) But the building is beautiful (especially the lobby), there are fires going in the fireplaces, the restaurant is excellent, and you are right on the rim of the Canyon, with a shuttle bus pickup not a minute’s walk away. The inconveniences are real, but they’re outweighed by the pleasures. Makes for an enjoyable stay at the Canyon.

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