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Lake Lodge Cabins
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Great location, terrible accommodation
User: PlannerRaleighNC from: Raleigh, North Carolina
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Oct, 5, 2018
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2018
Rating: 2
My husband and I spent two weeks in Wyoming and Montana. Our first couple of nights were spent in the Lake Lodge Cabins at Yellowstone National Park. The NPS needs to be aware that the concessionaire is failing to adequately keep up the facilities. Their staff at this location were not friendly and were almost defensive - as if they were expecting every interaction with a guest to be a complaint. Upon checking in, the front desk staff was helpful, but neither friendly nor welcoming. He did let us know that we were lucky to have our own bathroom, because most sleeping rooms in Yellowstone do not. He also described the cabins as, "primitive," which turned out to be incredibly accurate! Thanks, Adam! The area around the cabins is allowed to remain rustic, so nothing really feels clean. The cabins themselves look poorly tended on the outside, so you're a little disconcerted to start off. The inside of our cabin was almost clean. There were rings on the table and toothpaste in the sink. The carpet was covered with small pebbles from the drive, it had clearly not been vacuumed before our arrival. The bathroom, which was a toilet and a shower, was clean. The bed itself is not quite a double, which wasn't problematic. But the pillows were so overused that they were nearly flat, which IS a problem. The blanket was a little newer, but the bed spread looked like it was 20 years old. The table and chairs were wobbly and we were a little afraid to put anything down and sit down there. They squeaked terribly when you moved or stood up. We ate in the lodge one night. It was passable. I had baked crispy chicken. It was really dry, but had a pretty good flavor. The mashed potatoes were just gross and neither of us ate them. The steamed vegetables were edible. We both got a small bottle of wine and that helped us ignore the rest of the meal. Of the places that we stayed INSIDE a national park, this was the least welcoming and the least comfortable. The good parts: Nice gift shop. Access to the lake is amazing and we saw the bison daily in the field. We had a great time sitting on the lake shore.

Fun to stay on Yellowstone Property
User: 311kathrynb from:
Published Date: Oct, 3, 2018
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2018
Rating: 3
We stayed in a Lake Lodge cabin in early September 2018. If you just want a place to crash for the night (or two in our case), these cabins work. We had a comfortable bed and a bathroom that included a shower. Nothing fancy though. We ate at the Lake Lodge cafeteria which is easy walking. One night we ate dinner at the Yellowstone Inn which was close by but not really walking distance at night. Speaking of which, never arrive in Yellowstone at dark! The signs are not lit nor do they have reflective paint. Finding our lodge was painful. In the morning light, however, staying across from Yellowstone Lake and seeing the beauty was fabulous. There is so much to do at Yellowstone that we recommend three days and staying on property or near the east or west entrance.

Newly Renovated/Great Location
User: Babs8920 from: Catskill, New York
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Oct, 2, 2018
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2018
Rating: 4
We stayed for 4 nights. The rooms are nice. Two queen size beds, spacious, a little single cup coffee maker, very nice shower. No television since it’s in the park. A cafeteria is nearby in the lodge. There’s a gift store, bar, and a good sized laundry room. Loved that the rooms were newly renovated!

Historic setting, clean, spacious, well lit rooms with very comfortable beds
User: MSUmindy from: Shelby, Michigan
Trip Type: Friends getaway
Published Date: Sep, 29, 2018
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2018
Rating: 3
Our tour had us booked into park facilities throughout our stay. The Lake Lodge cabins were basic, but clean and comfortable. It was wonderfully quiet with comfortable queen sized beds and plenty of space. The bathroom was large and clean. We had coffee and tea items with a small coffee maker. We found these cabins kind of 50’s style, which we enjoyed. The cafeteria on the other hand was extremely basic. We found it difficult to navigate, especially breakfast (you have to ask for toast and they make it for you). There were few choices and it was adequately prepared but very average to below average.

Poor facilities
User: StephenWellsLondon from: London, United Kingdom
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Sep, 26, 2018
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2018
Rating: 3
There is no doubt it is great to stay inside the park; that is the best way to see the animals (on the roads, on your porch, and because early starts are required). However, the facilities and service in Lake Lodge were basic. The lodges are a bit like ‘glamming’. There is a bed and bath, etc. But no kitchen or even fridge. We had to keep our milk in the ice bucket but unfortunately one of only two ice-dispensers was broken and the other available 7am-11pm so getting ice was tricky (as we were out dawn to dusk). The cafeteria was dire. I refused the first meal served to me as it looked inedible. I settled for mash and (over-cooked) veg. After that we snacked. All the food (in all shops and cafeteria) is from the same company so we ate lots of high carb/ high sugar foods all the time. The lake is beautiful though.

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