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Prince of Wales Hotel
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Grossly Self Over Rated
User: ProtanopeSJ from: Saint John, Canada
Published Date: Feb, 29, 2020
Travel Date: Jun, 1, 2019
Rating: 3
The property has an amazing view which is what it is all about, but our room looking down the length of the bay offered only a view impaired by unremovable and unbypassable screens on not very large windows. You go outside for the best view - amazing - or you get a pretty good view from the great public room of the hotel which you see as you come in the main entrance. I doubt you have to be a guest of the hotel to get the best views! Staff were pretty good - almost all students of the hotel business from colleges in Ontario not having a huge depth of experience in the area. A talk on the hotel and the area was offered for which staff solicited tips. Our room was cramped with old furniture and not even the means to make tea or coffee in the morning. Bathroom facilities were cramped and not great. Elevator service was only available if you could find a staff member to run it - not always easy. For early morning tea or coffee you went down to the main lobby where very spare self service supplies offered for no charge until 7am(?) after which only service with an added charge became available. The dining room was nothing special. Again staff were fine. The issues are just with management and value for money. In a number of places there were apparent holes in the roof likely cause by falling ice projectiles from higher up on the building. A few holes were directly visible but most seemed obscured by sheets of plywood on some lower sections of the hotel roof.I am not aware of this being a safety issue but more of an ongoing building maintenance problem. And yet American management claims the place is one of the finest hotels on the continent which for Canadians is a really embarrassing absurdity. No it isn't owned by Trump.

Rustic Hotel in a Beautiful Setting
User: CPaM68 from: Houston, Texas
Published Date: Feb, 6, 2020
Travel Date: Jun, 1, 2019
Rating: 4
We were RV camping in Waterton but drove over to take a look at the historic hotel and the view it offers of Waterton Lake and the mountains. The view is amazing and does not disappoint; you could just sit and look at it all day. The hotel lobby is also quite exquisite with its high ceiling and floor-to-ceiling windows that look out onto the lake. Opened in July 1927, the Rustic-styled seven-story building is 121 ft. tall and is considered one of Canada's grand railway hotels. It was built by the Great Northern Railway of the United States, to entice American tourists during the U.S. prohibition era. Reportedly, the hotel was named after the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VIII), in an attempt to lure him to stay in the hotel on his 1927 Canadian tour. It didn’t work and he stayed at a nearby ranch instead. If you are in Waterton, you should go by and take a look. They also offer a traditional afternoon British tea or you can buy a drink and sit outside and watch the sun go down. The building was named as a National Historic Site of Canada on November 1992. (PaM)

A highlight of our vacation
User: panda618 from: Everett, Washington
Published Date: Jan, 7, 2020
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2019
Rating: 5
Visiting Waterton was a must-do for me, little did I know that this hotel is also a must-do! As you are driving to it, you see a building standing alone on a bluff. It is not as imposing as I expected, which actually makes it nicer than if it were super-fancy. The bellhop is in a kilt and as soon as you walk in you feel transported. The elevator is not self-service but rather run by the bellhop. The view is spectacular. I was disappointed that our room faced the parking lot rather than the lake, but the room itself was nice. The bedroom part is basic (to be expected in such an old hotel) but the bathroom made me laugh--you open the door to a fancy white marble update bathroom! The lounge and restaurant were both very nice. We were there during "fly season" which made me laugh; I actually appreciated the cards that explained why there might be flies (the elk were passing through) and why the hotel didn't take measures to eliminate them (against the law to kill animals in the park)--but don't worry, there weren't a lot of flies around. The walk to town is down (and then back up) the hill, but its not overly strenuous. We had tea in the lobby and it was delightful. And don't miss the bellhop talk in the evening! Even with the reminders of the recent devastating fire, it was beautiful scenery. This stay was such a treat and made our stay in the Waterton National Park extra special.

Check in Was a Nightmare
User: jenn353535 from:
Published Date: Oct, 28, 2019
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2019
Rating: 1
This was a bucket list trip for me so when I won a stay at this hotel at my work Christmas Party last year, I was elated. I had been looking forward to this all year, the whole day had been planned out and this was the break I had needed for a while. It was unfortunate though that upon check in, I was treated like a common criminal. When I checked in, I handed them the gift card that I got from the Christmas party but they said that it was not good enough, I needed to get the original email it came with. I had to explain a few times that this is the envelope I got, this is it, I'm not hiding anything, this is it. The paperwork that I had included a gift card order number, the buyers full name, address and credit card number, dollar amount, hotel, everything you would think would be sufficient anyways, it looked like a gift card, but the clerk insisted that it was not enough. We got a room key after a deposit for that full amount was left plus a deposit for incidentals which made things difficult. When we got to the room, I got a call from the front desk saying that I had to get that original email from the purchaser, otherwise we were on hook for the amount. I tried to explain that its not like its my boss who bought this, its an outside company, I don't know if I am going to be able to track all of this down but she insisted that it was necessary. So instead of going and doing the activities that we had planned on doing, we spent the next two hours trying to track down the purchaser by calling my boss, co workers and when the purchaser was not available to get this information, I was panicking and in tears. My friend had had enough of this as our trip was essentially ruined at that point and she went to speak with front desk about it. She explained that this trip was ruined for me, that I had won this trip, I provided all of the paperwork that I had, that an order number alone should be easy enough to look up, so why was I being given such a hard time over it. Instead of enjoying a wine tour and shopping, I was out on the sidewalk scrambling for phone numbers and tracking down a 10 month old email from a company I don't work for. Although the clerk seemed slightly more sympathetic this time, my friend had to point out that she had just spent tens of thousands on her wedding at their sister hotel a year ago, and expected better treatment. We had attempted to get the information for them, which we both thought was just frivolous at that point because they had a print out with the information already. We still didn't get much of an answer other than to "not worry about it, I'm sure its fine". No, its not fine, we had to cancel plans and worried all day, night and morning that we were going to be on the hook for that entire amount. I know that your normal clientele there wouldn't bat an eye at 500 dollars but for us, this was a huge deal. If I had not won that, I would never be able to stay at this hotel, hence why it was a dream come true for me. And it really felt like I was treated as if I shouldn't be there. The hotel itself is just beautiful and I was in awe walking around staring at its opulence. But I felt very uncomfortable after that experience that I didn't enjoy my stay at all. Everytime I went to open the room to the door, I was worried it was going to be denied access. I worried that anytime I went downstairs that I was going to be stopped. We weren't able to do any of the excursions we had planned or any shopping because I was tracking down an email that in the end, they didn't even end up needing. When we checked out, we had a different clerk that said they had looked up the order number and the gift card was applied, which meant that my wasted afternoon had been for absolutely nothing. It really was as simple as looking up a number that was on the print out that I was provided upon winning the prize. Instead of relief, I was mad, because my weekend was a waste, and all for something so incredibly simple and unnecessary. Sure, I was glad I wasn't on the hook for 500 dollars, but had this been handled properly at the beginning, it would have been fine. I honestly believe that had I looked super wealthy, that this whole situation would have been different. As nice as the hotel was, I feel like a colonoscopy while conscious would have been a more pleasant experience than

Waterton Lake View
User: martian58578 from: Lynnwood, Washington
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Oct, 17, 2019
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2019
Rating: 5
Gorgeous view of Waterton Lake, The International Peace Park from Prince of Wales. Have stayed here many times since 1993, enjoyed the service and quality of this hotel. We will always return and enjoy.

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