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Old Faithful Snow Lodge & Cabins
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Close to Old Faithful
User: Paul S from: London, United Kingdom
Published Date: Dec, 12, 2019
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2019
Rating: 3
We were given a "premier room" -and the room was respectable enough with quite a good window view -but not of Old Faithful. My Partner got a wifi signal some of the time; I never did. A sofa was situated outside our room in the corridor; rather odd to come out of your room and see someone sitting there watching you. Breakfast was a disappointment, menu lacking in choice of tasty options and an uninspiring buffet. One item was not cooked properly -an apology was offered by one of the wait staff who cited junior chefs "who were still learning". Not very reassuring. Excellent bar with friendly and efficient staff. Good parking. Check out was not fluent, with the man at reception not knowing how to do his job.

although we did not have the experience we anticipated, the staff was very understanding.Their regional manager reached
User: Bill L from: Prague, Czech Republic
Published Date: Nov, 12, 2019
Travel Date: Aug, 1, 2019
Rating: 2
the room was sparse and needs to be upgraded. basic amenities the hotel has a captive audience, a renovation would be in order great atmosphere in the lobby/common areas on the main floor which is not carried out in the room we stayed restaurant does not accept reservations. the "fast food" restaurant area was unappealing

Not A Big Enough Sample Size?
User: KenVicLee from: Huntington Beach, California
Published Date: Nov, 10, 2019
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2019
Rating: 4
We had a reservation for the last two nights that this lodge would be open for the 2019 summer season. The Old Faithful Inn as well as most of the other accommodations in the park had already closed at some point after Labor Day. It was now October 18th & 19th with us having to check out on Sunday, October 20th. We drove in from the north entrance and explored many of the sites along the eastern side of the park. We bypassed West Thumb Geyser Basin and made a beeline for the Old Faithful Snow Lodge (OFSL) when we realized we were losing daylight and still had some distance to drive. . The first problem we had was identifying the entrance to the OFSL. It had started to lightly snow. The signs didn't make it obvious. We parked at one end of the lodge and wandered inside. We found registration and then followed instructions on where to park in the dirt lot on one side of the lodge. Like the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite or El Tovar Hotel in the Grand Canyon, these hotels located in the middle of a national park may be well known (this lodge was built in 1999, so not the more iconic Old Faithful Inn across the parking lot from us) but you won't confuse them with the Ritz Carlton or Four Seasons. Our room was fairly basic with a bathroom that probably hasn't received an update since the lodge was built in 1999. All this for $300.00/night. But you couldn't argue with the location. I would call the OFSL comfortable. The lobby area exhibited the rough hewn beans that gave it that camping lodge fee. The lobby was adorned with many cozy chairs looking out floor to ceiling windows to Old Faithful Geyser, hiden behind the visitor center some 150 yards away. Even during our late season stay the Obsidian Restaurant was open for breakfast, lunch and dinner (although we did not have breakfast or lunch there). The Geyser Grill, a counter, fast food place was down a long hallway of first floor rooms. By the time we had returned from an early dinner in the Obsidian Restaurant the snow had started to pile up. .We knew our plans to explore more of the park might be in jeopardy. Sure enough when we arrived downstairs the next morning we were informed that we were not allowed to drive out of the lodge until the park rangers could give the all clear. Long story short, we never left that day. Instead we walked over to the Upper Geyser Basin and hiked the various trails in the 4" of snow. The staff at the front desk did an excellent job of keeping all the guests informed while cautioning that with the lodge closing the next day, we should be prepared for a caravan out to the west gate in the morning. The next morning the 32 rooms and 86 guests were told to be ready to go between 9:00 am and 11:00 am. Like the other guests we dug our car out of the now 10" of snow and parked in front of the lobby. We got the green light at 10:30 am and followed a park ranger with flashing lights out to West Yellowstone. In summary I feel it is a little unfair to be critical given the circumstances. The rooms are not great and the price is high. The staff was excellent. I think I would consider different in-park accommodations next time if this wasn't the only lodge available this late in the season. .

It is one of the few places in Yellowstone that has wifi.
User: Brian M from: Oxford, United Kingdom
Published Date: Nov, 8, 2019
Travel Date: Jun, 1, 2019
Rating: 4
We only had dinner here, which was very good and the service friendly and attentive. This is the newest lodge in the park and less busy than the one we stayed at (not allowed to say which one but very close to this one). We also used it to access the internet. This would be our preferred place to stay if we returned to the park and although it is not as close to Old Faithful as the other place the walk is not too far.

Decent but slow wifi servixe
User: Rochelle H from:
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Oct, 24, 2019
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2019
Rating: 3
There is no wifi in cabin. Even walk to the lobby for the wifi, and it is as terrible as they warn you on the wifi password note. I think they have some ways to improve it. The old faithful visitor center can run a webcam smoothly though.

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