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Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort
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Overall excellent experience
User: sleepdoc1 from: Weston, Florida
Trip Type: Family
Published Date: Jun, 11, 2024
Travel Date: Jun, 1, 2024
Rating: 5
We stayed in a “tiny home” at the resort. The home itself was like new and very clean. Plenty of space for our 4 person family which includes 2 teenagers. The resort is casual with a very helpful and friendly staff. Our time here couldn’t have been better, and I give my highest recommendation.

Awesome stay at Zion Ponderosa
User: Marcy G from:
Published Date: Jun, 8, 2024
Travel Date: Jun, 1, 2024
Rating: 4
Our family of 5 greatly enjoyed our stay in our tiny home. The pool was fantastic for my young boys. The canyoneering trip with Sam and Nathan was just the right length with the perfect amount of instruction and freedom. The tiny home was stocked with all the utensils and pans we needed. I was even able to make my daughter a birthday cake. The wood-fired pizzas were delicious. Access to Observation Point (Mesa Trail) was easy to access. It was nice to be close to Zion, but not too close to the chaos.

Beautiful Resort
User: Kathy J from:
Published Date: Jun, 7, 2024
Travel Date: Jun, 1, 2024
Rating: 3
Our family vacation was a delightful experience, catering to individuals of all ages. The exceptional staff, particularly Sky, made a significant impact on our stay. Upon check-in, Sky provided invaluable assistance and demonstrated extensive knowledge of the available recreational activities. Her warm and welcoming demeanor made the older children feel comfortable and encouraged them to participate in the recreation center's offerings. Sky's dedication extended to booking activities for all the children, ensuring their engagement and enjoyment. Furthermore, she shared insightful information about the ranch's history and its inception, enriching our understanding of the establishment. She was amazing. The dining experience was unsatisfactory due to the unprofessional conduct and inappropriate attire of the server, Kindle. Upon entering the establishment, she was observed seated in a chair, expressing dissatisfaction regarding the tipping practices of a previous customer. Subsequently, when she approached our table to take our order, my teenage son displayed a visible reaction to her appearance. As a mother and a professional, I found her attire and behavior to be inappropriate and disconcerting. Her nipples were prominently visible through her shirt, and she engaged in the use of foul language while communicating with the cashiers due to technical difficulties. After successfully placing our order, she turned to leave, revealing that the lower portion of her attire was equally concerning. While I typically refrain from expressing complaints, it is imperative to address such matters in the interest of maintaining a family-friendly environment. The combination of her attitude and dress code deviated significantly from our expectations for a professional establishment.

Too many problems
User: M L from: New York City, New York
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Jun, 5, 2024
Travel Date: Jun, 1, 2024
Rating: 1
Made reservations same day. Was warned power was out. Got to resort had a pizza since wood fired oven was working. Got to cabin (trashed) no housekeeping. Was about ready to leave and management put us up in a new mini house. They made a great attempt and we appreciated it very much! This house was clean. But slider failed to lock and it looked like someone tried to fix multiple times but did not know how. Got a piece of wood to jamb door (which was better in my book) Batteries dead in one a/c unit remote, two dead batteries in overhead bed lights…I finally gave up because I did not want front desk believing I was complaining too much so we just went on. First night I asked how reliable internet was (I should’ve never asked) front desk said it was very reliable no issues. I asked because I had a remote job interview scheduled the next morning….and behold I get home from a long day out and guess what? No Internet service and they have no idea when it was going to be restored. I lost the opportunity for the job interview. But I wasn’t that excited about it. If you come here, be well prepared I’d suggest packing a generator and if you need to have Internet service, make sure you have a cell phone. Also pack some extra food because you don’t know when the power is gonna go out. Went to dinner a second time, but they were taking cash because the Internet failed. The menus wouldn’t work. The credit card machine wouldn’t work and we had to pay cash which wasn’t really a big deal but just disappointing not the resorts fault but just a multitude of issues.

User: DrumGus from: Washington DC, District of Columbia
Published Date: Apr, 27, 2024
Travel Date: Apr, 1, 2024
Rating: 1
Strongly recommend avoiding this place. Despite paying $400 per night through Priceline for a three-night stay, our expectations were far from met. We were stuck in a dingy 1BR bungalow that reeked of septic. The kitchenette had no place to cook food beside the microwave, far from the standards one would expect at this price point. We also made the mistake of ordering dinner on-site once and were deeply disappointed. The breakfast offered was subpar compared to what you’d find at a Holiday Inn or Hampton Inn, with coffee resembling Postum and overcooked hard-boiled eggs. Overall, it felt like a total rip-off. The idea that this place is conveniently located is false, except for the gateway to Observation Point: it's a long drive to Zion's Visitor Center and far more convenient to be based in Springdale for sites such as Temple of Sinawava, Emerald Pools, and Angel's Landing. For hard-core hikers and campers, the site offers a gateway to Observation Point at 2h12m from Ponderosa.

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