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Boulder Mountain Lodge
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating: 479 reviews
Stunning, luxurious yet superbly relaxed.
User: ldhalegria from: Portland, Oregon
Trip Type: Couples
Published Date: Mar, 23, 2020
Travel Date: Mar, 1, 2020
Rating: 5
We stayed here three nights. We were repeatedly impressed at the attentiveness and warmth of the staff, and the passion and hard work that has clearly been poured into making this lodge a peaceful place to enjoy nature and the company of your party. Many surprising little amenities added up to a feeling of being very well looked after. A great establishment.

Everyone sing Kum Bah Yah
User: Paul S from: Marion
Published Date: Jan, 14, 2020
Travel Date: Nov, 1, 2019
Rating: 4
Arrived late evening at Boulder Lodge. Heated up food entrees we had purchased at a c store earlier in the afternoon for supper. Our autistic son nearly had a meltdown because we couldn't find a plastic fork anyhwere in the eco friendly resort. Fortuneately we did have a bag of tortilla chips he used as scoops. We had a suite with two bedrooms and a full bath in the middle to give him and us a little privacy. The doors opened with regular metal keys, a rarity these days, to avoid the environmental pitfalls of plastic, I presume. It was also strange to have two different door numbers and keys for one suite. Once inside, we opened the door from his bedroom out to the second floor deck to look at the pond and then could not get it to lock properly again so propped chair up against it. That was a little disconcerting for what we paid Other than that, we slept soundly. I know people expect TVs everywhere these days but I could have done without them in this scenic location. The small gift shop is well stocked and reasonably priced and the on site restaurant features high quality locally sourced entrees. All lots and drives in the complex are dirt/gravel (no evil petroleum products!) but I found it somewhat hypocritical that most of the vehicles on site were mud splattered, carbon belching, gaz guzzling definitley environmentally unfriendly lifted 4X4s. Also, management apparently doesn't mind providing plastic stir straws in room for the coffee and tea or having an ice machine and a laundry facility. I would have liked to have seen a bulletin board with current road conditions and hours for area attractions like the Anasazi state park just up the road. Second floor rooms and suites access is by stairs only, so if you have any mobility issues be sure to get a room on the first floor. The lodge was blessed by buddhist monks (who in their right mind buys that malarkey) which is why there are Tibetan prayer flags at the restaurant. Big whoop. If they really want to do more for the environment, they could do a lot more than they already do with solar power, water conservation, etc instead of a bunch of meaningless chanting. This is dark sky country if you are in to astronomy and the pond and surrounding land is a bird sanctuary if you are in to life lists. Hwy 12 connects two national parks (Bryce and Capitol Reef) plus a number of national monuments, state parks, national forests, and BLM land so there is no shortage of things to do in the area during your stay.

A beautiful location and outstanding lodge.
User: Kathy Z from:
Published Date: Dec, 26, 2019
Travel Date: Dec, 1, 2019
Rating: 5
We so enjoyed being almost the one of the few occupants of the gorgeous Boulder lodge right in the middle of the winter season. Set in the stunning landscape of Escalante that was luminously iced with snow we so enjoyed a hot tub on the top of the world. We were greeted with great warmth and kindness by the staff and since all restaurants were closed in town we were offered a complimentary breakfast. Our room was spacious and well equipped and we had a serene evening...since nothing was open we did bring our own soup but they had dinners available for purchase also. They have a world famous restaurant Hell's backbone Grill festooned with Tibetan flags that was closed for the winter-still the lodge was an experience not to be missed.

Luxury Suite is just amazing
User: WBird66 from: Boston MA
Published Date: Oct, 24, 2019
Travel Date: Sep, 1, 2019
Rating: 5
Calling the luxury suite a “suite” is a bit misleading, since it’s actually a full apartment. I could move there. It was incredibly comfortable, with great furnishings, and a fantastic full bath plus a half bath in the hallway. And a great patio. The area is very beautiful and there is an excellent restaurant (Hell’s Backbone Grill) on site where we ate 2 breakfasts and 2 dinners – all great. The drive south on scenic highway 12 is spectacular!

Beautiful and peaceful
User: jholmesie from:
Published Date: Oct, 19, 2019
Travel Date: Oct, 1, 2019
Rating: 5
An oasis in the mountains after the craziness of the national parks! Room was great, bed was very comfy. The property is simply serene. We had dinner at bell's backbone grill and then made use of the Adirondack chairs to have a cocktail and take in the beautiful night sky. I wish we would have booked more than one night.

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