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Stovepipe Wells Village Hotel
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Second, as nice as the first.
User: 823ronz from: Downey, California
Published Date: Mar, 27, 2020
Travel Date: Mar, 1, 2020
Rating: 4
There are enough reviews so I will try a different approach. This was my second time, my first was 3 years ago. Some things had changed, some were the same. You can look at pictures to see rooms, I won't go there. My room was clean, it looked like the brochure picture, everything worked, shower was hot. Beds were semi-firm, it was fine. I had a Dune room view and yes,,I could see the dunes from my window. Her is a take. If you want a really budget trip, go to Panamint Springs. If you're looking for Palm Springs and a resort, go to Furnace Creek. If you want a great base to explore, not rustic, not fancy, and the feeling of being in the desert in a National Park,,this is for you. The more you spend for a room, the better it is. So I stayed in one of their more expensive rooms, could I stay in the lessor priced rooms,,for sure (and I have) . Was it noisy? I dunno. Just like the first time, the air conditioner drowned out everything, but we may have been the noisy ones with the TV but we used it done by 10. One difference was it was cooler this tie so we did not have the air blasting all night,,never heard a peep. One night we had a sandstorm, which reminded me of the sand storm I was in at Ft Irwin. Very cool. Tried for early check-in. Not happening this time as it did my first time . The guy at the front seemed a little stressed and not to friendly but I think he was overwhelmed by that days activities, but who doesn't have a bad day. After that,,everyone was perfectly friendly (Including him) and always ready to give you a "howdy". Last time there was limited wifi. This time, none, Last time the computers were slower then molasses (in their business center), this time they were fast. Payphones were gone. When I made my reservation the person told me I could use their phone if I needed to make a call, when I got there they said no. But I think people with Verizon cell phones could get signals,,but no one else (they told me AT&T could, but I could not). The TV was better as now as they have DirectTV,,not sure what they were using 3 years ago but this was way better. So overall would I stay there again,,well actually I am planning on it. Death Valley has a lot to explore if you dig down and I still missed 3 things I really want to do,,so I will return. As a last thought, even though technically not part of the motel, the saloon and restaurant or really on prem and part of the motel. We ate twice in the salon and once in the restaurant. All 3 times I enjoyed the food as did my wife. Shout out to the server Elana or Alana. She'll know who she is. She was like friend we just made and really nice to us. Attentive too. Nicely done. I will be back.

Dirty Bathroom
User: rasinaikin from:
Published Date: Mar, 18, 2020
Travel Date: Mar, 1, 2020
Rating: 1
Late at night we first noticed that the bathtub was filty, it was full of dust. There is no way a person cleaning the bathroom could have missed it, so maybe the bathroom was not cleaned at all The walls are paper thin. We leave the tv on at night to help us sleep. We had a complaint that it was too loud so we turned it down very low, but still had a second complaint. The tv was on the same wall as the head of the bed in the room next door. Although the manager claimed the tv was blasting, that is not true, it was turned down very low. They have a 4 PM check in time. We arrived at noon and asked if we could get into our room. Every hotel we have been to made an effort to see if we could get into our room. In this hotel the manager did not even look, he just rudely said we wee full last night, checkin is at 4PM. I know there are few choices in Death Valley, but I would recommend you look elsewhere first, and if you have to book this hotel, be well aware of its shortcomings

Great Location - Neat little hotel
User: Teresa H from: Sherman, Texas
Published Date: Mar, 10, 2020
Travel Date: Feb, 1, 2020
Rating: 3
This hotel is located in the Stovepipe Wells area of Death Valley. There are not a lot of hotels to choose from!! Basically one other one a distance away. We reserved a king room and that's what we got! The bed was super firm and lumpy. The sheets were soft and comfy. The AC in the room worked good. The room was large and had lots of room. There was a back porch with chairs where you could sit outside. There were two doors and you could open both doors and get a breeze through the room. The room was clean. The bathroom was big with a large walk in shower. There was an ice machine around by the main registration area. We needed a clean place to stay while we were in Death Valley and that's what we got here. There are not a lot of hotel options in the area. The hotel was neat with a western theme and fit into the area nicely. We would not hesitate to stay here again if were in the Death Valley area!!

Great Location!
User: FLmomto1 from: Sarasota, Florida
Published Date: Mar, 8, 2020
Travel Date: Feb, 1, 2020
Rating: 5
Great location - near dunes and other sights, next to an excellent restaurant and across the street from a general store and gas station. Huge room with fridge and coffee maker and huge bathroom. Very friendly employees in the hotel and in the restaurant - very good food and service. Too cold to use the pool but it looked nice. One-story motel so just drive up to your door; extremely convenient to get things in/out of car. Older-style but quite clean and serviceable. So excited to have been able to stay in a national park - we are usually miles and miles outside of one. Would recommend!

Rustic but great base for Death Valley exploration
User: swanqy from: Baltimore
Published Date: Mar, 6, 2020
Travel Date: Feb, 1, 2020
Rating: 4
OK, so it's not a five star resort but I found the accommodations comfortable and the staff really friendly - it's priced on the higher end given the amenity level but that's entirely expected given the remoteness. Only demerits with regard to my room were shower temperature (took quite a while to get hot water, which defeats the intent of the conservation-minded) and lack of internet (but it's in the middle of nowhere, great excuse to unplug). I saw a few reviews with complaints about staff being unapproachable, but that wasn't my experience. I'd certainly stay here again. It's about five minutes to the sand dunes, and most other viewpoints in the park are about an hour south. There's no getting past the sprawling nature of Death Valley!

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