Lodging in Death Valley National Park

As you are planning your vacation in Death Valley National Park, you may be wondering where you should stay. 


There are many different options for lodging in Death Valley National Park.  Several properties are inside the park, and many others are outside the park.


Lodging in Death Valley National Park consists of four different properties.  About 10 miles inside the west entrance to the park lies the Panamint Springs Resort.  Panamint Springs Resort is a family-friendly, full-service property which consists of a motel, campground, RV park, restaurant, and gas station. 


A bit farther inside the park lies Stovepipe Wells Village, which is another family-friendly lodging property inside Death Valley National Park. At Stovepipe Wells, you will enjoy a swimming pool, general store, service station, gift shop, and saloon in addition to the lodge rooms. 


If you choose to travel a little farther to the south, you will find yourself at the remaining two properties for lodging in Death Valley National Park:  Furnace Creek Inn and Ranch Resort.  Furnace Creek Ranch is it's own complete resort, with three restaurants, a museum, golf course, swimming pool, tennis, and horseback riding.  This is a very family-oriented property and a great choice if you will be bringing children.  At Furnace Creek Inn, which is located nearby, you will find the most elegant lodging in Death Valley National Park.  It's location as well as it's fine lodging and dining make it the most upscale property available in Death Valley.


Lodging outside of Death Valley National Park is easy to find as well.  The Amargosa Opera House is a historical and interesting property located in Death Valley Junction, outside of the east entrance to the park.  The El Portal Motel and Stagecoach Hotel and Casino are both located in Beatty, Nevada, and are also located to the east of the park.  All three properties will be great choices for you and your family. 


Lodging in Death Valley National Park will always be the first to sell out, but you can rest assured knowing that there is quality lodging located just outside the entrance to this beautiful park for you and your next Death Valley vacation.


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